Painted Waterfalls

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Fountains can have big, positive effects--easing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving ones mental and physical health. There are different types of fountains that can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Then there are fountains ranging from wall mounted, tabletop and floor fountains. To decorate ones garden the water garden fountains and garden wall fountains are popular ones.

What is Painted Waterfalls?

The glass or the fiberglass panel of the fountain are hand painted with designs using, acrylic paints. Some panels are stained or it can be patinaed on the reverse side with metallic oxides, iridescent paints, and stains. The bottom of the fountain is hand made copper reservoir that is hand-patinaed with heat. The backside of the acrylic panel is painted and then sealed. Some of the painted waterfalls will have backlighting to create the illusion effect. The sound of the water is magnificent, so is the visual beauty. The visual look of painted wall water fountain on the front side of the gorgeous painting, combined with the beautiful soothing water sounds, makes for a stunning, relaxing experience that one will absolutely enjoy and cherish for many years. The waterfall can be custom painted too. Some companies would want their logo custom painted.

Galaxy Painted Wall Fountain – Tuscan Vase

This painted wall fountain weighs about 35 pounds and the size is 28” wide x 6” deep x 48” high. The Tuscan vase is painted on the back of a strong Lexan clear acrylic panel and finished with a sealant to give complete protection against water and dampness. The vase has a wonderful luminous quality and is a visual magnificence. The acrylic panel is securely set within a heat finished copper frame and basin. The heat finish process makes a beautiful natural copper patina. The water flows down the Front (non-painted) side of the acrylic panel, into the pool of water in the copper basin, making beautiful, soothing water sounds. The flowing water never comes in contact with the painting on the backside of the acrylic panel. The price of the waterfall is approximately around $1000. The shipping and freight charges are separate.

Some of the other popular painted waterfalls include the Blues in the night and Giverny by Harvey gallery, terrace café which is replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, creation and so on are the most moving painted waterfall fountains.

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