Myths About Termites

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I am sure one way or another we have formed different thoughts about termites and other pests. We have heard many things about these pests called termites. Some are facts and some are just really myths. Just like in any other things we cannot help but hear myths about termites. The myths may be spread by your parents, friends or well-meaning neighbors. So, how can you get rid of termites problems if you are not sure which the facts are and which are the myths. Here are some myths or fallacies that you might have heard and might have thought that it was the truth.

Some of these things might help you to decide about knowing more about termites and how to handle them in case your home will be infested by them.

1. Termites can bring down the house in months.

First and foremost, I will admit that termites are really aggressive insects. They do eat the wood of your structure but it takes longer than a few months before they get through all of the wood in your home. So it is not true that your home will be destroyed within a month. Mostly it would take ten years and sixty thousand termites to finish a foot of wood.

2. Black ants are the nemesis of the termites. Black ants can be a natural pest control for termites.

Even if the black ants and termites are arch enemies, it would be impossible for them to meet each other because they have different places where they nest. The tunnel system of termite colonies is simply well-covered that black ants or any other insects would have a hard time to penetrate it.

3. You shouldn’t disturb termites that are living peacefully within your gardens. If you disturb them, then be prepared for them to take revenge.

This would have been acceptable if termites will be intellectual animals, but the only reason that termites would attack your homes are because they were able to find wood and water within your structure or it is because you did not eradicate them well enough.

4. Termites only live in trees.

There are species of termites that do live in trees but not all of them. Other species of termites live in tree stumps or patios. Most termites like the subterranean termites are difficult to detect hence more dangerous to man-made wooden structures.

5. Pest control for termites should always smell. If it doesn’t smell it doesn’t work.

There are some homeowners who complain to pest control Brisbane companies that there is no distinctive smell left by the exterminator. It is because the materials used nowadays have no smell or it is odorless. We have been used to using pest control products that have odors that we thought that because a pest control product does not leave any smell it would not be as effective. Smell has nothing to do with toxicity. It may be odorless but it is still as effective in eradicating termites.

6. Termites prefer old houses to new ones.

Actually, termites cannot really distinguish a new and old house. But most likely, old homes are made from hardwood which is much more durable. The new houses are made of cheaper materials so it would be more in danger of termite infestation than old houses.

Termites can be a pain for anyone who has suffered from infestation. They can be a big expense for homeowners. So, it does not also help if we would also be attached to old myths about them. Myths do not help our cause of eradicating them; we have to learn to separate facts from myths to help us fight the real enemy which are the termites.

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