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Hip Hop blog, a website every music lover will like to visit. Rocky Williform, an entrepreneur, a media publisher by occupation, created it. it is a blogging website where we get all the entertainment news, gossips and many more information about the makers of the music we love to listen. The homepage itself displays what is inside that website. It shows all the pages that are present inside the website. The homepage also displays the top five new tracks that can be listening over there itself. Even we can view 45 different videos that are available to view all the videos at a same time in small screens available. Even on the home page there is a facility to listen to radio while surfing the web.

There are links given to other pages available. Main links are hip hop gossip, news, columns and graffiti are few of the links that will make an interest to the viewers. The other links that are available on the home page are videos, mixtapes and Ucam. Gossip is a page on which top 5 gossips of the day are available to read, these gossips are about the famous people, gossip about what they are doing these days or some thing special they had done. It tells something about the personality of that day. It is like a talk done with a personality of that day. The interview tells us some interesting about that person, which is not known to their fans.

The news page gives some interesting news happening with the celebrities, something happening with the celebrities. Itís a very interesting page which gives us the latest news about the celebs world. This page tells us what is happening where, with whom. It gives us the top 5 news of the day. Even we can view the news taking place around the globe with celebrities any time of the month. Another page which is very interesting in this website is the columns page, in which we can read the reactions of the viewers on their stars. Ratings are given to the articles or the work done by the celebrities.

Video page is a page, where we can view hot videos such as latest songs, etc. even the interview videos of the celebrities are also available to view. Music videos are also available to view. More that 45 music videos are available to view and we can view any number of videos at the same time. The videos are in play mode when we see them on screen.
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