Mt Buller Snow Report

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Mt Buller in Victoria has an elevation of 1805m. The ski area here has about 22 lifts and the highest point is 1780m. The weather here is influenced by the oceanic climate. It has a skiable area of more than 300 hectares. It has 25 runs, the longest being 2.5 km. Looking at the snow report before leaving for the destination would keep you prepared on what to expect and also on what all is open to explore. Some of the areas will be closed during the season times also in these areas. This report covers three important parameters weather, snow conditions and status of the various areas of activity or sports. All resorts work based on the snow report like Mt Hutt and Falls Creek Snow Report to name a few.


Weather part of the report will display the basic weather conditions in the area, like the current and overnight temperature, wind direction and strength, rain, cloudy or clear sky and visibility. This will also cover the forecast of the day. So these parameters will help you know if there is excessive rain or wind which may spoil your plans.

Snow Conditions

This section of the snow reports tells you the depth of snow present. It shows if snow making is required. It describes the snow conditions and snow cover. It also gauges on if skiing and snowboarding activities are possible for the day or not. The conditions of the road to come to the place are also shown in the report, so that the visitors are aware if there are any roadblocks for reaching this place. It is essential to know these details as the conditions keep changing day by day. Snow Reports are generally updated early morning to enable visitors to plan their day.

Status of Various Activity Areas

Mount Buller has the biggest network of lifts in Victoria with a total of 22 lifts and lift capacity of 40,000 skiers and boarders per hour. Snow Reports list all the lifts in the region and display the status of the lifts for the day. The report also covers status of the parks and runs.

Wheel Chain requirements in Mt Buller Snow Report are decided based on the weather forecasts and road conditions on a daily basis. If you are staying in the resort overnight, it is essential to carry the wheel chains as the weather conditions may change unexpectedly.

Snow making requirement is also decided depending on the snow report. A certain minimum temperature is required to make snow. Snow Cams are displayed in most of the snow reports to show live the conditions in the region.

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