Motorcycle safety tips to keep you safe while riding

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However, the unpleasant reality is that if basic safeguards are not taken, motorcycle riding can be extremely dangerous. Motorcycles are unquestionably cool, exciting, and fuel-efficient. Nevertheless, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. Hence, here are a few tips you need to consider to keep yourself safe while riding a motorcycle.

A motorcycle safety school will educate you about the rules of the road. You'll also learn what to do in a variety of unexpected riding situations. A safety course can help you practice riding a motorcycle, which needs skill and good judgment.

Before you start your journey, check your tyres. If you have purchased the tyres or tubes online in Sri Lanka, make sure to use the checklist that comes along with them. Motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka do have good warranty and specifications. Therefore, you need not worry about their reliability.

Protect yourself from the elements, debris, and road rash with motorcycle gear. A helmet, goggles, a leather jacket, leather leggings or chaps and non-slip gloves are all recommended. Dress in layers so you can react to the weather as it changes throughout the day.

You can't presume that other drivers will see you. Avoid other drivers' blind areas; drive with your headlights on even during the day; dress reflectively or brightly; and utilize your turn signals and hand signals consistently.

In the event of an accident, keeping a basic first-aid kit on your motorcycle is a good idea. Disinfecting wipes, bandages, hand sanitizer, gauze, adhesive tape, and Band-Aids should all be included.

Tailgating is dangerous. It is recommended that you keep a distance of at least four seconds between you and the car in front of you. This will allow you to come to a halt in an emergency. It's also a good idea to plan an escape route, such as going to the shoulder if you can't stop in time.

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