Moss Grotto Fountain

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Flowing and cascading, sparkling in the light, creating soft soothing sounds: the fountain is like a touch of nature captured and brought inside. Although they are small, these popular fountains can have big, positive effects--easing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving ones mental and physical health. Moss grotto fountain is an outdoor fountain. They are mainly installed in the patio, garden, back and front yard.

Something about Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains are very beautiful and will enrich the environment with soothing and mesmerizing water sounds. The fountains range from the gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. The outdoor water fountains are meticulously crafted to give the enjoyment of the visual beauty and the delightful water sounds. The outdoor fountains can be installed in the garden, patio and deck. The outdoor fountains are available in different shapes and sizes. They are also a great and ideal for gifts.

Sorrento Grotto Cast Stone Garden Fountain

The design of the Sorrento Grotto Garden fountain is based on the fountains of the European countryside. The design is very much classic and makes the presence of the old world. The features of the grotto garden fountain are listed below.

1. The grotto fountain is constructed using premium cast stone concrete.
2. The fountain has a recirculating fountain pump that has variable speed.
3. The cord is almost five to six feet long and can be plugged into any 3-prong 110v electrical outlet. An out door rated extension cord is also supplied to lengthen the cord if necessary.
4. This fountain requires no plumbing as water recirculates within the fountain.
5. The height of this fountain is 39 inches by 22 inches wide by 18 inches front to back.
6. The total weight is 350 pounds.

Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Once the place for the fountain is decided then the weed has to be cleared out. Also, make sure that the ground is level.
2. Dig out the hole to install the preformed plastic pond liner.
3. Make sure to grow plants that are small shrubs and will not grow above the height of the fountain.
4. Decorate the path way to the fountain stones that are brightly colored.
5. During winters, remove the water and cover the fountain to avoid moisture accumulation and bring the pump indoors.

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