Misty Glass Fountain

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Fountains are visual beauty and they help to enrich the environment with the soothing and mesmerizing water sounds. The fountains range from the gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. There is a wide array of contemporary fountains designed to attract the customer. There are different types of indoor and outdoor fountains. The fountains range from the gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. The garden fountains are crafted to give the enjoyment of the visual beauty and the delightful water sounds.

Misty Glass Fountain Something About It

Frosted or misty glass fountain generates fog and mist by utilizing electrical oscillation technology. The ceramic disc in the misting unit vibrates under high frequency. This results in the generation of negative ions and a natural fog on the top of the water. There are no chemicals or dry ice involved in the misty glass fountain.

Types of Fountain Foggers

Who would like the intriguing atmosphere of free-flowing fog that helps to relax and destress. There are different types of foggers available in the market. These are not only durable but can be used in the water fountains too. Some of the popular types of fountain foggers include the following.
1. Fountain foggers
2. Misting foggers
3. Pond foggers

Popular Misty Glass Fountains

The misty fountain not only looks good but also is beneficial to ones health and well being. The misty fountains are a natural humidifier that helps to alleviate breathing problems and other respiratory problems. The negative ions generated purify the air. This type of fountain is good for aromatherapy too. Adding few drops of aromatic oil to the misty fountains can help one relax as the fragrance fills the room in minutes. Some of the popular misty fountains include the following

1. The stone mist fountain
2. Sky mist Hanging fountain
3. Sky zone tabletop misting fountain
4. Mist of dreams floor fountains
5. Petal Mist Fountain

White Frosted Lotus Bowl Mist of Dreams Fogger Fountain - Glass Base

The features of this fogger fountain are
1. An electronic control to choose between sixteen different lighting models and to choose the speed.
2. A mist guard is included to keep the tabletop dry.
Other features include mister combination, spray guard in matching white frosted glass. Matching frosted glass base, UL listed transformer and 16-mode hand control module are some of the other features included. The height is 6 1/8 inches and the bowl width is 9.75 inches.
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