Medical conditions that can be detected through a comprehensive eye examination

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Your eyes are portals into the workings of your body's blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Eye problems are frequently the first signs of sickness that is lurking elsewhere. This isn't simply restricted to eye ailments. Eye doctors can detect a wide range of health issues that would otherwise go undiscovered, and opticians in Sri Lanka are ready to prescribe any eye treatment you need as well. Here are five typical health issues that might be discovered during an eye exam:

  • Diabetes:

The tiny blood arteries supplying your retina can be a warning indication of diabetes, frequently before other symptoms have led to an official diagnosis. Blood can seep into the retina from these blood vessels, which your optometrist can notice during a dilated examination. With early detection, blood sugar levels can be stabilized, and eyesight loss and other significant complications of diabetes can be avoided.

  • High Blood Pressure:

When you have high blood pressure, your blood vessels in your eyes may get kinked or tear. You may possibly have arteries that are weaker or constricted.

  • Cancer:

Many types of cancer are undetectable by a full eye exam. Your optometrist, on the other hand, may be able to assist you with the diagnosis of cancers of the blood, skin, and tissue.

  • Autoimmune illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis:

Dry eyes are a typical rheumatoid arthritis side effect. Rheumatoid arthritis is also indicated by inflammation of the irises. Other autoimmune illnesses can often be detected by eye physicians.

An annual complete eye exam can help discover disease early because so many potentially life-threatening disorders show early signals in the structures of the eye. This gives you the ability to take action to avoid further difficulties that could have a negative influence on your quality of life. Your optometrist is concerned about your overall health as well as your vision. Have you made an appointment for your annual eye testing in Sri Lanka yet?

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