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Arthritis, in its virulent form, can be an incapacitating disease. Even in its mild and moderate forms, arthritis can be physically devastating. Whatever its stage, arthritis can be effectively tackled with massage therapy. The best aspect of massage therapy is that an arthritis sufferer can use basic massage techniques on himself or herself. Massage therapy will assist in reducing the swelling and inflammation of joints, and soothe stiff muscles. However, at home massage therapy should be extra gentle and never on the inflamed area.

Multifarious massage therapies

A professional masseuse will know exactly how to proceed with an arthritis sufferer. Professional massage therapy usually involves kneading, rubbing, stroking or pressurizing soft body tissue with hands. This instantly relieves pain in joints, improves blood circulation and alleviates muscle stiffness. When massage therapy is effective, it immediately impacts joint movement by allowing the arthritis patient to engage in a wider range of motions. Many in the medical fraternity have also acknowledged the efficacy of massage therapy in alleviating joint and muscle pain. It must be recalled that massage therapy is not homogenous but highly multifarious. There are many massage disciplines from reflexology, to Shiatsu, to Swedish massage, to acupressure, and trigger point therapy. There are no comparative studies on which massage therapy is best for assuaging joint pain.

Proven therapeutic value

Undoubtedly, massage therapy has evolved vis--vis arthritis management. Many physicians now routinely prescribe massage therapy for their arthritis-afflicted patients. These massage sessions are quite lengthy and may last from half an hour to a whole hour. Admittedly, many professional masseuse will charge a hefty fee but the benefits are immediately apparent by way of relief from joint pain and loosened muscles. An expert massage therapist may even share the secrets of the trade with the arthritis patient. This may involve imparting a few tips on how to use massage to relieve arthritic pain. It should be remembered that self-massage is not as relaxing and may preclude hard-to-reach areas, but it is handy when an arthritic flare-up occurs. Massage therapy actually works wonders when it is executed properly. It is little wonder that arthritis sufferers flock to massage therapists to seek relief from stiff joints.

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