Magento: Most Popular Ecommerce Development Platform

  Mark  Wilston    March 2, 2012    931


In today's time, ecommerce website development has become a necessity for every business. This is because it offers tons of opportunities to expand the business which would not be possible without a website. It lets a business reach out to customers across the world and hence helps in expanding the customer base. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that business owners across the world are opting for ecommerce development. There are plethora of ecommerce solutions available. However, one that stands apart form other is Magento ecommerce development. Magento development offers a very unique, interactive, flexible and robust website to manage the business effectively. In fact, it is the most popular choice for ecommerce development.

There are plenty of reasons behind Magento's popularity. It is a feature rich solution that makes the task of managing an online business completely hassle free. Some of its key features that make it so popular are

1. Robust core functionality: Magento is an excellent ecommerce solution with a robust core functionality. It offers a number of useful features which make things simple for you. You can customize your store as per your requirements using Magento's user friendly features.

2. User friendly interface: Magento is very user friendly. You need not have any technical knowledge in order to work with a Magento empowered website. It lets you add updates, delete content and change theme with superb ease. One of the most interesting things about Magento is that it allows you to control multiple stores from a single administrative panel.

3. Back-end panel: Another great feature of a Magento is its back-end panel that lets you do several things. You can track your sales, search for records and get reports. The catalog management feature allows you to manage the dynamic catalog through an admin interface.

Here are some major benefits offered by Magento

1. It lets customers to re-order the products that were ordered previously from their account.
2. It allows you to ship products of a single order to more than one addresses.
3. It lets you compare products and also to review the available products.
4. It gives you a flexible catalog system using which you can customize the display of your products.
5. It also lets site owners to categorize products according to several factors like price, color, features etc.
6. It lets you control multiple stores through a single administration panel.
7. It also allows you to market your products and promote your business effectively by generating RSS feeds for new products or services.

From the above discussion it is evident that what makes Magento popular are its user friendly features and capability to provide a cutting edge solution. It ensures that you get a perfect online store incorporated with all the latest features. With Magento you can rest assured that your business will perform well and you will be able to generate a good ROI. Always hire professional and reliable Magento developers to get best quality results at an affordable price.

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