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Even the Magento Inc (earlier Varien) might have not visualized so much popularity as an eCommerce solution when it was first launched by the organization on March 31, 2008. However, Magento Developers may have certainly believed in the significance of the tool, when it allowed store owners to build native mobile storefront apps. There must have been no other reason than the “definite future success” of this publishing platform that encouraged eBay to own the software 100 per cent on June 6, 2011. Those, who had predicted the bright future of this eCommerce Website Development platform, were right as recently Roy Rubin, Founding Chief Executive announced that Magento surpassed 4 Million downloads in the first month of 2012. Since the inception, the organization has left no stone unturned to develop the platform to newer heights. In the last six months, eBay has hired 75 fresh Magento Developers. eBay Inc rightly believes that the internal and external Magento eCommerce Development is setting new standards everyday and the software is giving a tough competition to Demandware Inc. and IBM Corp.’s WebSphere Commerce.

Company policies and its approach to its software including marketing and utilization add a lot to making that software vital. Magento has been fortunate to be promoted as some of the best business modules. It is available as free and if you do want to get into the development part, you can go for the Software-As-A-Service Go Editions.

Once can instantly start using the software by downloading the free version. Through applying advanced Magento eCommerce Development, the liveliness of the software can be increased. There are hundreds of organizations that offer Magento Integration and Development services at affordable cost. You just need to identify what kind of feature you need to incorporate in your site. There is nothing that you can not apply on your Magento site as far as your online business operations are concerned. Be it text, graphics, images, audio/video, etc, you can manage everything with one single dashboard.

The Magento Modules which are available free with Magento help you:

1. Practice some of the best Search Engine Optimization services to promote the visibility of the site; allow you to create a brand image by converting PSD as your website theme ensuring exclusivity of your site;
2. Manage more than one Magento sites;
3. Making your operation systematic and professional by integrating Analytics and Reporting, online payments options; etc.

So, Magento Development ensures:

1. Increased control as you manage everything from merchandising to promotions and marketing effectively;
2. Increased ROI as it helps you create business modules to offer products at lower cost; and
3. Increased Growth as it provides you many options to generate more revenue.

Magento Development is quite interesting and useful process, which, if applied in the best possible manner, can result in a sudden growth for any enterprise. The development process is really very affordable. Even a small company can think of hosting a retail site or an online shopping store, which has become unavoidable in today’s time.

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