LocalBlox Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

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LocalBloxLaunched just two short years ago by founder and CEO, Sabira Arefin, LocalBlox now serves 77,000 communities and neighborhoods nationwide and is celebrating its two-year anniversary. Started as a local network to communicate with neighbors, the firm continues to adhere to its original mission to the individual. It has also grown to encompass an extensive array of affordable, high-tech business solutions.

“I always had dreams for LocalBlox, but I never realized what could actually happen in a relatively short period of time,” said Arefin. “I work hard, but I couldn’t do it alone. There are so many contributions, generosity and blessings – we wouldn’t be able to come this far without our super users, fans, followers, affiliates, partners and advisors. We’re truly grateful for all the love and support from our user communities.”

LocalBlox encompasses two different and distinct facets. One is primarily for the individual, where they can discuss local issues of importance, receive neighborhood alerts, plan local events and maintain contact with others in their local area. Members include seniors, college students and homeowners, parents, all of whom are dedicated to building strong community ties within their neighborhoods.

The business-oriented portion of the firm helps companies in an array of industries increase commerce with local consumers utilizing affordable local business listings. LocalBlox offers enhanced visibility with member pages that feature built in SEO, and promotes businesses with Mobile ads solutions, networking, extensive free business listing, social media and mobile apps

The journey to become the preferred go-to business website hasn’t been easy. As a female entrepreneur, Arefin has battled prejudice, criticism, and bullying. Throughout it all, Arefin never compromised her or the company’s integrity, nor did she waver in her mission to help create financially prosperous neighborhoods that are desirable places to work, play and live.

Arefin has a well-established record of achievement and accomplishment. She’s earned the regard of world-class entrepreneurs, including YellowPages.com founder, Dane Madsen, and media expert and founding team member of MSNBC.com, Merrill Brown. Both are serving on the firm’s advisory board and are using their extensive business acumen to expand LocalBlox services.

“We’ll take LocalBlox to the next level with all of you,” said Arefin. “Communities are never built overnight. We don’t pretend or promise to do it in a day. We invite you to be a part of our journey, walk with us, and help us build the neighborhoods.”

The two-year anniversary of LocalBlox marks a significant point in the firm’s evolution and provides a testament to the success of Arefin’s vision. LocalBlox serves 77,000 Neighborhood information nationwide, helping local residents and businesses work together for the common good.

For more information, contact LocalBlox toll-free by phone at 888-411-8480, via email at help@localblox.com, or visit the website at http://www.localblox.com.

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