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Marketing your law firm is essential since its the base for your client generation. It is the process of nurturing client, educating them about why should they choose you over your competitors, and also explaining how you engage with them. In order to become a successful law firm, you have to attract your clients and also have to put your marketing efforts in order to retain them.

In this guide, we had updated the most current strategies & tactics for your legal firm, which you can use to get more signs.

Sales Funnel for your Law Firm Marketing

Create a sales funnel with your marketing team, which can transform the individuals into legal clients. Each perspective of your marketing efforts should come under the following stages of the funnel for greatest success.The various stages of the sales funnel are awareness, concern, decision, and action


When your prospective clients are looking for you in their legal need, they visit your website through any form of marketing channels like a newspaper ad, online search, or through any other traffic source.


Your client prospects will be looking for solutions to their legal problems and will be having a thought to approach you. As they are in the stage of finding solutions, the marketing content you had incorporated is the magnet that attracts your clients of interest towards you. It also includes an increase in followers in social media.


Once the awareness worked, their interest in your law firm increases which results in the decision of the prospects. Before deciding they look into your websites, the area of expertise, your bio as well as your client list. They proceed to email or set up a call when they are finalized with the decision.


The action is enhanced when your prospects sign a contract as a result of their interest towards you.


Lead generation is the process of acquiring clients for your law firm in one or other way. Your law firm should have a constant and measurable lead generation system. These leads can vary from ideal to garbage, but at the very limited, a firm should understand how many leads they are making, how those leads are generated, and what happens to all of those possible clients.


When you directly communicate with the prospects, it is solely you determining the time and the way of interaction. The tools included under outbound are email marketing, display ads, PPC, etc. Other traditional methods like direct email campaigns, calling to the prospects etc.


It is a way of marketing which uses the information and interesting content to drag the people rather than reaching out to prospects. Clients acquired through inbounds normally refers to organic leads. In this way of marketing, the time and type of interaction are chosen by the prospect. Tools that come under Inbound marketing are Content, websites, SEO, blogs, and social media etc.

Four effective tactics attorneys can use to generate leads

  • Transform your friends into customers.
  • Develop a group of people that have more value
  • Reveal imperative partnerships
  • Use speaking engagements

Both inbound and outbound marketing is important in the point of revenue. Inbound marketing is critical since the prospect has to find you and the possibility of converting the random prospect into a client is greater.

Traditional Marketing

Promotions, advertising, or running campaigns have been in use by the companies and also have a verified success rate.

Some of the traditional marketing comprise ads on newspaper, newsletters, billboards, ads on magazines, brochures, TV ads, radio ads, catalogues, filters, and telemarketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing that revolves around the digital space since the companies use blogs, websites, & social media and much more to extend their audience.

Normally digital marketing provides day to day information about the products and the services. Some of the tools that come under digital are PPC, Email Marketing, and mobile marketing.


Referrals are the most and easiest method used by the small scale businesses to pull new leads. It happens when the people in your network refer or recommend your law firm in their network. Referrals reduce the money spent on the sales process and the length of the sales cycle.

The client you have acquired through a referral way of marketing will trust you more even at the initial stage.  The client who likely signed up with you will more likely generate a number of referrals since they understand the process.

Depending on your law practice your referrers may include existing clients, past clients, law school friends, bankers, professionals, investigators and others.


We all knew that Google makes a lot of changes to the SERP. There were many noticeable changes in last year.

Some of the current changes include:

Our legal marketing guide will teach you

  • How to improve your online presence?
  • How to convey your story that convinces your clients?
  • How to impress your legal clients online and how to convert them?
  • How to track your website’s performance?

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