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Driving your own car is an enjoyable feeling. Driving a car should not be difficult for a person who knows how to drive. Learning how to drive is an enjoyable experience as well. If course, that should also depend on the person who is teaching you the basics. Usually, you find cheerful people in this activity. If you happen to be around Yorkshire, the Andy1st driving school York should be your destination.

The procedure:

Driving a car is not rocket science. You can learn how to drive a car in just a matter of few hours. Perfection would require practice, though. However, beginners would have the road-fright. The first step the driving school instructor would do is to remove the road-fright. Once you overcome it, driving the car would be easier than eating a cake. 

It is simple:

There are two kinds of cars. The older models have the manual transmission system whereas the modern ones have the automatic transmission system. There is not much to learn in the automatic system except for the controls. The car would drive automatically.

The manual transmission system would require some mastering. The driving instructors at the Andy1st driving school would teach you the controls of the transmission system. In fact, that should be easy. During the first few days of your training, they exercise dual control. This means that they have a control over the clutch and the gears. You would be operating the same. Nevertheless, they have the control as well. 

After about a week of driving, they loosen their control gradually. By the time, you complete the course; you would have full control of the vehicle. Now, you would be ready to acquire the driving license. Andy 1st would help you acquire the same. 

Theory practice:

Procuring the license would be important. You should know the meanings of the traffic signs. You may have to undergo a theory course for a day or two to master the same. The theory classes would also include the basics of using the clutch, gears, the accelerator, and the brakes.  

Practice is important

Now, you would have theoretical knowledge of driving a car. You have been under the protective environment of the driving school instructor. You do not have experience of handling situations on an independent basis. Therefore, you require lots of practice. If you have your own vehicle, you can very well practice on your own. Otherwise, you can always come for a refresher course at Andy1st driving school. They have the courses where the instructor would accompany you but would not exercise his control over the car. This can help you overcome the road fright.

Female instructors:

Female drivers would naturally be comfortable with a female instructor. This driving school has special female instructors for female students.

Automatic transmission:

The principles are the same. You do not have much to do here. The instructors would teach you the controls of how to use the system. An experienced driver can master this technique within half an hour.

Final words:

Driving a car is as much physical as it is psychological. You have to master both these aspects to become a successful driver.

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