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In 2010, a big surge of improvements was seen in the new technology trend referred to as the Smart TV. The said new television technology is considered as one of the newest trends that refer to the incorporation of television sets and the internet, set-top boxes, Blue-ray players, and similar devices. Thus, the term Smart TVs, making traditional television sets much like Smart-Phones or mobile phones that can connect to the internet.


Fast Evolving Technology


The technology behind the Smart TV is continually evolving, and major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, and others are heavily investing on it because it surely promises great innovations in the present to the future of the television set. The main aspect of Smart TVs generally involves web enabled applications for streaming media, social networking, and personalized communication. The operating systems used on such Smart TVs is usually based on android, Linux, UNIX, and similar open source platforms.


Some Leading Smart TV Manufacturers:


Samsung - Samsung Smart TVs offers superb functionality with enhanced 3D capabilities. The said brand offers a variety of applications like Social TV, Your Video, and Search All that enables users to communicate with other users or other internet browsers in searching for videos. It has a built-in Wi-Fi system that easily connects the television to a computer or laptop. The said TV can also convert 2D images to 3D images.


Philips – Philips expanded their Smart TV line-up to higher standards by increasing the number of its special features and upgradeable applications. The said brand has released a number of features on all their newest line-up of smart TVs. The introduction of many new Wi-Fi gadgets also helps users to access refreshing features that have been proven to be very effective.


LG - LG smart TVs are basically designed and created with the needs of consumers in mind. The said manufacturer gives owners the chance to access various places that offer fun and exciting applications. LG has even created a very innovative remote for easy and simple control.


There are certainly a great number of obstacles for manufacturers to negotiate to win in the said Smart TV industry. Smart TVs are no longer considered single and ordinary TVs anymore, because it includes a line-up of very advanced services. Services like, Recommendations, EPG, VoD, PVR, Media Centre, TV Replay, Contextual applications, social TV applications, Web browsing, Games, and more. Before purchasing any Smart TV, it is important to do enough research about the product. This is to ensure top quality products are obtained which are perfect for each individual consumer needs.


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Popular Technology Blogs

Blogs in Technology has been playing a really significant role for the past few years. While the number of blogs has been growing rapidly, only a few manage to steal all the limelight and come up with the best content. Here's a list of top blogs for you; keep reading them and I bet you would always be updated with developments in the technology industry.


It is a top rate technology media asset, committed to profiling beginners, reviewing Internet product and latest tech news. It was founded in the year 2005 and it has over 10 million diverse visitors and more than 35 million pages are clicked and viewed every month. The TechCrunch community has more than 2 million users and it is followed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and further social media.

TechCrunch’s open database CrunchBase is about start-up organizations, individuals and shareholders. It has turn out to be the top rated statistical element for technology firms and business deals.


Gnoted Tech blog was launched in January 2009. It pays attention on the software category of technology and mainly focused on the application that supports the Windows operating systems. The online visitors and users have been increasing gradually, and that’s indication of super quality. It covers most up-to-date technological news. It explains everything in simple tone and language does not have any complications.


Gizmodo is very well-liked and known blog that write about electronic gadgets and their new launches. It has got several good review and pleasing replies that are frequently submitted by regular readers who visit this blog on daily basis. Bloggers have their own space in threads that allows them to discuss, investigate and debate. It is a very good blog and deserves to be in the top 10 list.


TechEBlog is a fantastic blog. It allows users to discuss many interesting topics. Most of them are comments and technology news. It does not pay much attention just on the computers; they have lot of blog posts about other aspects of technology also, like latest cars and electronic gadgets. It’s a good way of news and it updates the users about technology on whole and about internet also.



IT hardware, software, networking are resources provided by ZDNet; in addition to that it also gives out technical news related to them. They have a lot of special writers from various technology sectors. Their language is easily understood by many users.

Just be active on these blogs and I bet you would be updated with all the happenings in the technology world.


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