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Lat pulley is a gym equipment that is used basically for high and low pulley exercises. Often the lat pulleys are also known by the name of lat pull down which is actually the name of the exercise that is done with lat pulley. This exercise is a proven way and an excellent exercise for working out the muscles of the back specifically. However many has claimed that even though lat pulley are intended to work out the muscles of the back they have a hard time feeling their lat pulls working the backs while exercising. This is mainly because the biceps has a tendency to take over the movement of the back muscles.

Lat pulley techniques:

All that is needed is to attach a long bar to the lat pull down machine and to adjust the thigh pads so that when the exercise is performed in a sitting position the knees remains at right angles and the feets to be in a flat position to the floor or the ground. The second thing to do is to grasp the bar with a wide grip and then sit down while maintaining the upper part of the body in an upright position and a slight leaning on the backs from the hips. This should be followed by pulling the bar in front of the face to the top of the chest and then slowly releasing the bar back to its starting position by straightening the arms. Thus one whole cycle of the pull lat is completed.

Advantages of pull lats:

While doing the pull lat exercises it is important to remember some key points like avoiding the jerky movements, and keeping the shoulders down to stabilize the back muscles and isolate the lats. If all this precaution is taken then there are numerous advantages and health benefits of lat pulling. Since the head is to be kept straight in this exercise then one can switch on the television and enjoy a favorite program while working out. However proper care should be taken not to stress too hard on the exercise.

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