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 Rubber is a natural resource that has been used widely all over the world for a very long time, to serve a variety of purposes. Rubber is normally available in two forms, natural and synthetic. The natural rubber is obtained from plants and the synthetic rubber is manufactured through the process of polymerization. The extraction of both natural and synthetic rubber is expensive and long processes. Also, the toxic and detrimental chemical properties of rubber are increasingly becoming a point of concern for environmentalists, due to the regular dumping of waste rubber in rivers and landfills contaminating the soil and water.


These are reasons enough to stop producing rubber, but with its presence in almost every sphere of industrialization, this is not possible. Another alternative, which also happens to be ecologically a brilliant prospect, is to reuse waste rubber. Reusable or reclaimed rubber has some very useful properties that can be effectively harnessed for a number of different uses.


Some of these properties are briefly described below-

  • Moisture-absorbing properties - Reclaimed rubber is widely used in gardening and soil leveling, due to its ability to preserve moisture and hinder weed growth.
  • Sound insulating properties – Various government agencies and hospitals require soundproof walls and compounds, and reclaimed rubber is cheap and highly effective for such uses.
  • Energy-efficient production - The production of reclaimed rubber is much less contaminating and more energ efficient than that of regular rubber. At half of the price, it is also a stronger material. The need to use crude oil for production is minimal, thus cutting back huge costs of production.
  • Strength and durability – Due to its high tensile strength and durability, reclaimed rubber is used for making conveyer belts, hosepipes and in various other industries.

These qualities give recycled rubber an edge over synthetically and naturally prepared rubber, because-

  • It is relatively cheaper than natural and synthetic rubbers.
  • Less energy is used during the process of recycling as compared to manufacturing
  • It is suited to a number of purposes, like making material for flooring; mulch for use in gardens.
  • It can be mixed with concrete for building materials that act as thermal insulators and provide sound absorption properties.

Recycled rubber can easily substitute normal and synthetic rubber for a variety of purposes. Some products made from recycled rubber are-

  • Rubberized Asphalt - The ground rubber is blended into asphalt to improve its performance to make rubberized asphalt. Rubberized asphalt offers various advantages, like greater elasticity. It also greatly reduces the maintenance and replacement costs of roads.
  • Outdoor Surfaces - Ground rubber is being extensively used for laying trails, athletic turfs, garden mulches and playground surfaces due to its shock-absorbing properties.
  • Railroad Ties - Lasting up to 90 years, rubber-encased railroad ties are very strong and durable and are around 200 times stronger than a traditional tie.


By reclaiming and re-using rubber, we are not only creating better, more innovative products but also taking a huge step towards the preservation of the environment. Do not throw rubber away, recycle it!. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber  and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other companies.


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