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Have you been having problems on how to manage your Joomla site? You are not alone, very many people especially small business owners have complained about getting confused when searching for menus, stories and Letterman and forgetting where to put things when making changes. Many people have to spend a lot of time learning how to do things or spend quite a good amount of money to hire a Joomla Profession to manage the site on a regular basis. If you are having such Joomla usability problems and the management cost being prohibitive, here are tips on how you can manage your Joomla website effectively.

One way is to avoid having very many Joomla extensions on your site. There are very many great Joomla extensions available and often many people are tempted to install many that they do not even use. It is very important to remove such extensions for improved usability of your Joomla site. Most people have extensions such as forum, form builder, newsletter, and weather module among others which they rarely use due to lack of time and since they are also not critical for most business operations. Having too many extensions, despite how well streamlined and integrated they are, will make it difficult for your clients to easily find what they are looking for. It is thus important that you keep removing what you do not really need. Removing them will be good for better management of your website.

The next tip that will help you in managing your Joomla website is understanding the high value workflows of your website and learn how to manage them on a regular basis. Most users find themselves making a lot of changes to their sites but few of them improve their sites. Many have complained of doing everything to improve the design and the look of their site but still there is a minimal return in terms of getting better marketing of their businesses online. TO overcome this problem you should work with your developer to learn the crucial items on your website and how to manage them on a regular basis. This could involve editing content on site, publishing blog posts, approving newly registered members among others. Doing such things on your own will account for more than ninety percent of your Joomla website maintenance.

Finally, another thing that counts much on how easy or difficult maintaining your site will be is how you implement it. You should make sure that your Joomla powered website is implemented in a very user-friendly and intuitive way. You should hire a good Joomla website company to do this for you. They will make most of the things automated and thus you will not need to know HTML or hire a professional to do some of the things for you. This way your website management expenses will be reduced as you can do some of the tasks yourself. Doing this will position your business for an online presence that is sustainable and effective.

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