Job Scheduling: Run Your Business like a Well-oiled Machine

  Lee Denis    July 30, 2012    578


You know why automated assembly line factories can produce more cars in an hour than even a hundred workers can? The obvious answer would be the machine but more than that, it's what they represent. Well-maintained robots spell efficiency and predictability. And although you can't really replicate the cold-nature approach of machines when it comes to work, you can at least follow their example through a job scheduling system.

The feeling of omniscience

With the advent of mobile technology and applications, you don't have to be in the office to assign tasks to your employees or monitor the factory or plant through remote. With the fleet management software, you can be more efficient in running your fleet by choosing who the closest worker is in case of last-minute changes or deliveries. Aside from saving on fuel consumption, you can also leverage this by promoting your company as one of the fastest in terms of delivery time. You can also craft the fastest way to each delivery route through the software by corroborating the address given by the client. This ensures that the driver doesn't get lost or go out of route, if you installed GPS tracking system on each truck that is.

Reducing lag time

The most common problem encountered by most large corporations, particularly those with separate divisions, is miscommunication. It's difficult to relay an order through the whole bureaucracy because of the layers of management. Again, you have to take human factor into account. You have employees with clashing personalities or egos; employees who are careless or apathetic. You are not even sure that your order has reached the intended person you addressed it to. With the dispatch software, you can just drag the task and drop it to the person you assigned it to and that worker will be notified immediately. There's no lag time and no miscommunication. This will also hold each employee accountable. No longer can they make the excuse of not receiving your memo.

Finding the weakest link

Speaking of accountability, ever wished you can find which workers are not doing their jobs? In every company, there's always that one worker who doesn't seem to care about his job too much. The only reason he lasts as long as he does is because he is friendly to the other staff or holds influence over them. But with the job scheduling software, you can check if the work is being done on schedule or not. You can either call the worker to explain or study if the worker is a habitual offender, then you can terminate his services and replace him with a more conscientious employee.

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