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 Scrubs is an American medical drama series that involves light punches of comedy. It was aired on NBC and ABC from October 2, 2001 to March 17, 2010. The series centers upon the happenings in the lives of the persons employed in the fictional hospital named as Sacred Heart teaching school. It is the brainchild of the creator Bill Lawrence. Viewers can now Watch Scrubs free Online for zero cost available at various websites

The script of the show is enlightens the dialogues, sitcom especially while at the time when Dr. John Dorian day dreams. He is the chief character in the series portrayed by Zach Braff. He is a physician in the hospital and was an intern in his early times. This character often displays the fantasies in his dreams.
Elliot Reid is the other prominent role played by Sarah Chalke who also started being an intern and is now a privately practicing physician. She is often seen in the comedy drama series with J.D, both flirting with each other. She has some friction with Carla in the beginning but later they both become close buddies. She wants to show her excellence in this profession and prove herself to her kith and kins.
The closest ally of J.D is Christopher Turk ho is a surgeon by profession. He is promoted to the designation of Chief of Surgery in the later seasons. J.D shared a room while they were in the same college of William and Mary and also in same medical school. Both the friends were too close to each other. Turk develops his pangs of love for Carla and rides a dating horse with her. He later ties up with him and starts their family life.
Janitor (portrayed by Nail Flynn) is the keeper of the hospital. He develops some grudges with J.D. in the initial episodes which last till the end. Janitor usually jibes on J.D. to make him agitated. However, he is a nice person as displayed in the show. His real name is Glenn Matthews which he confesses to J.D. in the finale season.
Bob Kelso is a recurring star who is the Chief of Medicine in the institution Sacred Heart. This character is very harsh and brutal to patients. He is very cold blooded. But he is not actually a mean guy. He shows his bad side just to make the patient recover soon. He makes tough decisions and thus he is holding the rank of “Chief of Medicine”. Although he knows that he is not at liked by the people of the concern yet he poses to be the same so as to run the hospital smoothly and in a well managed way. After his resignation from the job, his relations with the staff members are mended. 
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