Is what You Know About Cloud Server Hosting Haunting You As a Myth or A Fact?

  Andrew  Stevenson    November 15, 2018    398


Technology has revolutionized in the past few years creating new ways of conducting business. In today’s world, people want to be able to access most services 24/7 from any device or location unlimited. Embracing cloud services has, therefore, become a norm for those who know what it means to have them.

However, there is a good number of people who are lost in myths instead of facts and those are the ones who need help. This article dispels every myth you have heard about cloud hosting providers and instead gives you facts that will help you make a decision that you will be proud of in the future.

Dispelling the myths

  • Cloud is just another IT initiative – The biggest myth of all is that cloud hosting is just another IT initiative. With thorough research, the cloud has proved to be one of the finest innovation that ever happened. It has outstanding business benefits like availability and reliability 24/7/ all year round.
  • Cloud means all public hosting – Cloud is not just a public hosting platform, it offers you choices depending on the kind of hosting fit for your business. Whether private, public or hybrid, it is your choice to choose that is fit for your business.
  • Private cloud is very expensive – Most businessmen have for the longest time assumed that private cloud server hosting is too expensive for their kind of business. What they don’t know is that private cloud hosting provides better management of resources which lowers your capital expenditures through improved resource utilization. It also cuts down on your business operational costs.
  • Cloud migration is complex – Most organizations give in to the lie that migrating to a cloud hosting is not just difficult but a nightmare. The truth is, migrating to the cloud is so much easier because technology has significantly improved from the support you get from professionals.
  • Cloud is very insecure – There is no doubt that with the increase in technology there is a high increase of cyber insecurity and everyone is scared of that. Therefore, security is critical to the users of the technology. Cloud hosting offers security benefits that come with the improved SaaS.
  • Cloud hosting providers bring your business down – If there is one thing cloud hosting does it is to improve both availability and reliability for your business. Whether you use public or private clouds you will get optimum benefits for your business by driving up demand and boosting your availability.
  • Cloud forces you to put everything in its hosting plan – Most enterprises withdraw from making the move to host with the cloud because most of their apps are not compatible with the cloud and they don’t have funds to start purchasing or moving to new ones. The good news is that you don’t have to revolutionize your hosting in one day. You can still achieve the best cloud benefits even by starting small and moving your business in bits.

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