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Are you dreaming of a magical destination where everything s covered in acres of snow and you are your own king in a white paradise? Are you longing to run away from the crazy crowds into a land that is free? Well, head to the hill resort destinations at Australia or Argentina and experience sheer bliss as well as taste of opulence in a luxurious setting. Here’s what you can expect at Mt Hutt, New Zealand and Argentina on your dream vacation.

Top Hints

The Mt Hutt, New Zealand has snow which is a mixed composition of white winter powder and a springy snow layer. The off-piste conditions vary but are perfect for experienced skiers and riders. On the other hand, Mendoza, Argentina is a popular low lying city in the deserts of Cuyo located on the western side of Argentina. Though the summers are pretty hot, the winters can be excruciatingly cold to minus zero temperatures up in the mountains. Tourists will love all the singing, dancing and delectable food that accompanies each festival.

Go Snowboard Argentina

With Acocagua being the highest peak in South America, there are a variety of options for trekking climbing and paragliding. Most tours include tandem flights that have experienced pilots for fifteen minutes. At seven thousand five hundred feet above ocean level is the renowned Ski Chile resort at Las Lenas. This is over a sprawling seventeen thousand five hundred hectares with around fourteen lifts and twenty nine trails. Fondly known as heaven on earth, this abode is the perfect choice for heli-skiers and snow boarders alike. The vertical slopes dip to one thousand two hundred to three thousand four hundred and thirty meters. Now, Las Lenas is fully fledged and is open all year long. The different activities that are offered include horseback riding, mountain biking, paragliding, trekking and more.

Mt Hotham Snow Report Online

Now, book your trip to Argentina, New Zeland or Australia in advance by filling online forms and making appropriate payments. Be sure to check validations and other certifications to confirm legitimacy of the company. This way you save dollars plus look forward to an exhilarating trip. Also examine the snow reports of the places you are headed to and find out how many lifts, skiable area and terrain. Why wait? Act today and impress your loved ones with an exciting tour to popular ski resorts in Australia or Argentina today!

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