Importance of Drupal for Online Shop Development

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Drupal has been around for quite some time now, and businesses and web developers have realized the importance of the content management system for effectively setting up an online shop. From easy to use ecommerce stores, Drupal can be used in several ways to make an interesting, catchy blogs.

With Drupal Ubercart integration, the possibilities of customization and theme development increase manifold. It is a full-fledged system that has all the standard necessities such as shopping cart features, secured payment gateways, ability to install third-party modules and unending community support. And there are customizable abilities as well to help you build an estore the way you'd desired it.

Why Use Drupal For Online Shop Development?

  • Drupal lets you make your online shopping destination much more than a shopping cart. You can make it a complete website by integrating features such as blogs, forums and much more. Interaction with the customers can be easily increased by incorporating these elements and thus you can have a first-hand knowledge on user expectations.
  • Adding third-party applications is one of the easiest things that can be done on Drupal. These third-party applications, also known as modules, add to the features and make the ecommerce platform more user-friendly. From offering secured payment gateways to enhancing the overall performance of the website, these third-party modules offer holistic solutions.
  • Community support for Drupal is virtually unlimited. Since Drupal is a free and open-source CMS, there are independent developers keenly working on developing the CMS in some way or the other. This enhances the minute qualities of websites as well as breeds a healthy environment for discussions.
  • By installing the right modules, sales can be tracked, trends can be analyzed and products can be better displayed. Drupal is all about customization in every single step.
  • Drupal generally has a search engine friendly structure and by adding modules, the SEO possibilities can largely be improved. From SEO-friendly URLs, to necessary inclusion of keywords in Meta Tags and Descriptions, Drupal continuously gives out suggestions on how to improve SEO.
  • Drupal has been developed in such a manner that even without hacking the modules, you can customize the features. Many times developers think it is necessary to change codes to improve the site, but with Drupal you can easily avoid this step yet gain much.
  • Power of customization in regards to themes and templates is simply innumerable. If you can convert PSD to Drupal for developing templates, you will not need to rely on the free templates available for Drupal. Apart from that RSS feeds and newsletters can be efficiently used for informing users on the ‘new product launch' in the site.


Given so many advantages and possibilities, there isn't any doubt that Drupal is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms (and, of course, CMSs) currently available to developers.

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