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Fountains are visually beautiful and they help to enrich the environment with the soothing and mesmerizing water sounds. The fountains range from the gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. There is a wide array of contemporary fountains designed to attract the customer. There are indoor and outdoor fountains which have a vast collection of battery operated, power operated and solar energy operated fountains.

Ice Fountain – Popular Ones

Ice fountains helps one to escape from the stress and negative energy as streams of water cascade downward across the handcrafted glass. Some of the popular ice fountains and their features are given below.

1. Homedics Glass Emerald Ice Fountain

The creative designs of the glass emerald ice fountain adds beauty and calmness to any indoor environment. This ice fountain is a natural humidifier that moistures the air and releases beneficial negative ions. The glass emerald ice fountain is hand made and complements any décor with sparkling tranquility. The fountain features a variable flow control pump that has the power to control the speed of the water. The fountain comes with a warranty for one year.

2. Butler Ice Fountain

Butler Ice fountain is a fountain, which is unique to Buffalo State College. The Butler Foundation presented it to the college. Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar designed it. The highest point of the fountain is 20 feet and the length is 40 feet and it’s about 15 feet wide. The fountain has nine steel arms. The twenty-five jets at the front of the fountain and two more at the rear throw the vertical sprays of water. Eight nozzles on the arms of the sculpture create fan-shaped sprays. The fountain is an all-weather fountain. The true beauty is achieved in the winter, when the sprays of water change dramatically from morning to afternoon, depending on the amount of ices that form and the temperatures during the day.

3. Armchair ‘s Blue Ice Fountain

This fountain is not a traditional form of fountain. The blue ice has a matte-black base, an elegant resorvoir column of translucent cobalt blue and a black plexiglas infinity pool that emerges from the glass colum. Water fills the pool and gently flows over the sides of the pool forming an “infinite horizon” effect. The water surface gently undulates creating an ever-changing display.Acoustically, the sculpture creates a gentle sound which is unique in a water fountain and at the same time unobtrusive.

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