How To Use Symbols And Objects Effectively In Religious Logos Design?

  Tam Becker    October 5, 2011    1211


Religion unifies people under one flag, it provides spirituality, morality, harmony to it is followers. A religion is an old age phenomenon which is practiced by millions and trillions of the people globally. Christianity is one such religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus as presented in the New Testament writing. He built the church so as to bring all followers under one flag.

Countless churches have necessitated the idea of religious logos in order to identify their particular worshipping place among the thousands. It was not taken in earnest for so many years but now they also felt a need to establish and imprint their own identity in the world.

Symbols have always been given uttermost importance in every religion, which is therefore, visible in their identities as well. Whether it is Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Christianity, every religion is defined by a symbol.

Star is an instant identifier which is frequently employed in religious logos. Naturally, there are thousands of worshipping places all around the world, so there are number of different identities serving them in a different ways as well.

Globes and continents depict a church is global mission which can be easily seen in religious identities serving their religion both internationally and nationally. Other symbols like; chalice and flowing robes are the biggest expressers of the holy practices.

And who can forget the cross; it is what defines the whole concept of Christianity which is therefore, illustrated in almost all of the identities. It is a symbol which has always been preferred when it comes to the Christianity, for instance; church of god logo is intelligibly illustrating its religion with a cross.

When there are few options left for a graphic designer in symbols and objects, when there are limitations against the use of texts and when he has to be very careful so as not to hurt the religious feelings of any person then it turns extremely difficult for a graphic designer to effectively germinate a creative, innovative and religious logo.

This is why; you have to nominate a very experienced, professional and reputed graphic design service to get a perfect graphical representation for the church because to get a perfect design image for a worshipping place is not as easy as it seems to be.

A word of advice here is that you must conduct an in-depth research work on different graphic design companies to check which one will suit your logo requirements. As there are thousands of graphic designer claiming themselves as the best ones but actually not all of them are the best. Therefore, this has to be detected by you if you are serious about getting an identity for your company or church. Check for their reputation, experience, professionalism and most of all the packages they are offering.

Thereby, I hope the above told information would be useful for you.

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