How to Use Magento to Expand your Online Business?

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In the world of ecommerce web development Magento is a revered name. This open source ecommerce solution allows businesses to build robust, visually attractive and interactive online stores. What separates Magento from other ecommerce solutions is the fact that is user-friendly and scalable allowing you to remain in sync with the changing demands of the market. You can hire a professional Magento developer and get online store which suits your exact business needs and that of your customers. Here are a few ways in which Magento can help you expand your online business.

1. Customized Store - There are no two arguments on the fact that a distinctive looking store adds to your brand value. With Magento you can easily achieve this by opting for PSD to Magento development where the store will be designed from scratch. Apart from this developers can also make use of easily available third-party plugins to add functionality to the website. These plugins too can be customized to cater to the needs of the customers.

2. Usability - Not all your customers are technology geeks and thus you need to design a store which is very user-friendly. The products should be listed in logical categories and sub-categories. Make sure the navigation within the store is smooth and the visitors can make good use of the search feature and customize the search results. This will help in increasing the conversion rate per visitor.

3. Payment Options - The last thing you want is a customer to exit the online store after reaching the checkout stage. This often happens due to lack of options on your online store. Magento supports many payment options such as Credit Cards, PayPal, Authorize, Internet Banking etc. Make sure you offer yous customers as many options as possible as this will help in converting more leads into sales.

4. Use SEO - Search engine optimization is an important factor in the success of any website. You need to attract targeted traffic through the major search engines. This is possible when your website is optimized both on-page and off-page. Make sure you use white hat SEO techniques which will not only ensure growth but also stability to your traffic.

5. Promotion - Last but not the least promotion is one of the key factors in the success of a Magento powered store. Promotion has to be both within the store and off it. You can offer discounts and redeemable coupons to the customers on purchase of certain products. You can also offer good bundled deals using the Magento. Apart from this it would be wise to make use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote your products.

Ecommerce web development is one of the most challenging and demanding spheres of web design and development as it involves two crucial things - one-to-one interaction with the customer and financial transactions. Thus you need to hire Magento developers from a reputed company which has an excellent track record. They should have expertise in custom development of online stores and manually code the website for better SEO results.

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