How to Use a Venetian Blind

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Timber Venetian BlindsBeautiful, presentable, very economical, very functional and easy to install are some of the main reasons that makes Venetian blinds a very popular choice for any window decor.

If your primary aim is to reduce heat, you should install venetian blinds because they would reflect the sun rays away from the windows. While selecting Venetian make sure you select blinds made from material (e.g. metal) that is resistant to weathering. Apart from that and budget permitting, you might also want to consider remote controlled motorized blinds.

If you do opt for remote controlled motorized venetian blinds, select a remote control that has several memory options. The advantage is that when you have the blinds adjusted to suit your preference, you can save the setting to a memory number or alphabet and next time you just have to press that particular memory number or alphabet.

Venetian Blind Mechanism

The technically inclined might be interested to know that most venetian blinds work on a friction-clutch system. The clutch locks the blinds in a particular position. To release the clutch, just pull the cords towards the middle. If you hold all the cords you would be doing both sides at once. Once you have the blinds in whatever position you want, simply move the cords to the vertical position and this will lock the clutch.

Operating the Venetian Blind

The rod or looped string on (usually) the left side is to close rotate the slats. On the other side of the Venetian blind there are (usually) two stings which each control the raising and lowering of the blinds. For example, if you need to RAISE the blinds, simply move the bottom of the strings along the wall away from the window first (6-12 inches should work) and a ratchet mechanism will work keeping the blinds up as the they are pulled. If they go up unevenly at each side you will have to work on each string individually until you get the knack.

To LOWER the blinds, first move the bottom of the stings in the opposite direction (towards the middle of the window sill) this releases the ratchet mechanism and allows the strings to pull up to the level your grip permits and for the blinds to fall to the desired level at the same time.

Maintaining your Louvre Shutters Newcastle

The clutch of ratchet mechanism at the top needs an occasional drop or two of oil (once a year). Do not saturate it with oil or you might end up creating a dust trap and the mechanism will eventually fail. Other than the occasional oiling, maintenance basically consists of keeping the blinds free from dust. The slats can be cleaned using a wet rag. Thereafter you could spray some mild detergent if you like and wipe clean.

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