How To Take Care Of Your Spectacles

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You may also use pre-moistened lens wipes meant for cleaning phone, tablet, and computer displays, which all harbor a variety of bacteria. The fundamental advantage of utilizing lens wipes is that smudges, streaks, and solution residue are eliminated. Lens wipes are tough enough to remove tough stains while yet being delicate enough to be used on eyeglasses. Consult your local optician for advice on the brand of lens wipes to use.

Cleaning your spectacles isn't difficult. However, you'll need to take a few extra measures to avoid accidently scratching the lenses or damaging the frames.

Before cleaning or disinfecting your glasses, give them a good rinse. When you brush dust and small debris off a glass surface, these microscopic particles may harm your lenses. Before wiping, carefully rinse them with tap water.

Carefully spray the solution onto the lenses - Spray the cleaning solution onto the lenses and gently massage it in. Remember to clean your glasses with either a mild dishwashing solution or a cleaner designed exclusively for eyewear. Don't forget to clean the frames' nose pads and earpieces.

Allow the lenses to dry naturally — It is recommended to allow the lenses to dry naturally. If you don't have time to do so, a microfiber cloth can be used to gently clean them down. Paper towels and simple bits of cloth should not be used since they might damage the lenses. We also don't advocate wearing your shirt's tail, especially if it's not 100 percent cotton. Your lenses will be scratched over time as a result of the fabric. Not to mention the possibility of pathogens.

Grip your eyeglasses firmly when cleaning them – Grip your eyeglasses securely by grasping the section that spans the bridge of your nose. The frame of your eyeglasses will be less likely to flex if you hold them this way. Not only can bent frames impair your vision, but they also make wearing eyeglasses unpleasant.

At least once a day, clean your glasses – Cleaning your eyeglasses at least once a day is not only sanitary, but it also guarantees that your eyesight is not obstructed by dirty lenses. Even if your lenses are clean, if you find yourself squinting frequently, it may be time to visit your local eye doctor for an eye check. Squinting frequently indicates that your vision has deteriorated, and you may require a new prescription.

When not in use, keep your eyeglasses in a protective case. Leaving them out in the open increases the risk of them being damaged or scratched. You should also avoid leaving unprotected eyeglasses in a heated car or in a purse, pocket, or backpack. If you place them in a tight location, like as your handbag or bag, the frames may bend. Heat and UV radiation from the sun intensified by the window can cause irreversible damage to your spectacles if they are left on top of the dashboard or glove compartment.

It's recommended to keep your glasses in a case that prevents dust, grime, and other tiny abrasive particles off of your lenses and protects them from scratches. If you don't want to carry a large case all the time, a sleek microfiber bag is a good option. You can request one the next time you visit your eye doctor for an eye checkup.

Keep your eyeglasses on your nose, not your head — Some individuals have the bad habit of putting their eyeglasses over their heads when they aren't wearing them. However, it is preferable to avoid this behavior because it may cause the frames to bow.

Out-of-date medicines might put more pressure on your eyes, resulting in headaches. Although you may not notice tiny changes in your eyesight right away, you may still have unpleasant side effects from the resulting eye strain, such as headaches. A full eye exam is to get the required spectacles in Bangladesh is the only approach to identify a visual change.

If you haven't had an eye checkup in over a year, it may be time to update your glasses, even if you haven't had any of these symptoms. Every year, a number of new eyewear technologies are released on the market. Special coatings that filter UV radiation and minimize glare, for example, can help protect and even improve your vision. Consult your local opticians in Bangladesh for further information on these features.

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