How To Prevent Emotional Meltdown In Lockdown Quarantine

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The world is facing the most devastating pandemic in the history of mankind. The deadly coronavirus or COVID-19 is infecting and killing millions of people around the world on a daily basis. The most dangerous thing about this disease is that there is no set cure for the issue, and only a handful of drugs are able to restrict its symptoms. To stop the pace of this epidemic, the only effective way that is used by all countries affected by the epidemic is lockdown and home quarantine. Social distancing and avoiding any mass gathering is a way via which the chain of viral transmission can be broken and keep the population safe from the disease.

However, due to the lockdown, all activities of the people have come to a grinding halt, and they are confined to their homes. This sudden break on the regular life of the people and other social activities is also taking an emotional toll on the people. Due to the quarantine life, many are experiencing an emotional meltdown as uncertainty and gloom is looming all over. To prevent such emotional meltdown happening in this lockdown period, here are some of the ways you can opt to keep the stability of your mind.

Reconnect with old friends
Social and work life has gone for a toss due to the quarantine and home isolation. However, you can still connect with your buddies using your phone and video conferencing apps. Staying connected with friends and other family members will not let you know about their well being but will also feel some emotional relief by interacting with them.

Learn to cook
Cooking is an activity that requires both physical and mental involvement. The lockdown might be making you miss your favorite cuisine as all eateries are shut due to the lockdown. But you can try to prepare your favorite dish at home, which will help you pass the time and relish your appetite as well.

Help your homemaker
If you are the man of the house and mostly stay out for earning a living, then this quarantine gives you a chance to spend time with your spouse and help her as well. Assist your homemaker in daily home activities like washing clothes, utensils, cleaning the house, etc. all these activities will not only keep you mentally and physically active but shall also polish your skills in home related tasks.

Get a good sleep
Staying home for a prolonged period and under these circumstances can be stressful. However, sleeping adequately for 8-9 hours can help in easing the stress and anxiety caused by these situations. If you are having anxiety or encountering sleep trouble, you can take the help of Etizolam drug, which aids in sleep troubles and reducing anxiety symptoms.

Do indoor-workout 
Staying indoors does not mean that you give up your fitness regime or stop doing exercises. The gyms might be closed, and there is a restriction on going out too. But there are various exercises which you can do at home without any equipment and stay fit as well. Doing work out regularly will help in keeping your mood in the right frame and body healthy.                 

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