How to Plan Your Move

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Summer is believed to be the peak season for Removalists Melbourne. Additionally, the beginning as well as end of all months is a bit busier as compared to the mid-month. So if you are interested to move anytime during this season, be sure to appoint the movers well in advance.

So, you first step involves in contacting the movers. Inform them well in advance about the place where you are moving and also let them know about the time when you are planning to make a move. Ask the movers to provide them an estimate in pen and paper and also tell them to explain the services in detail. Compare and contrast the estimate provided by each company and go for the best one!

A good move involves proper packaging by a skilled packer who makes use of designed packing materials and cartons. Schedule packing with our mover one to two days before loading the moving van. You can also pack your items on your own as this will help you to save enough money. However, ensure being present while your goods are packed in case you have hired a mover for this purpose. Make sure to insure your items from before so that you can claim the money back if they get damaged or lost.

Your mover can ask you to choose from a number of days for transport your goods. Be sure to move on April and October, as chances of getting discounts are quite likely during this point of time.

On the Moving Day you need

  • Be ready and wait for the movers to arrive
  • Discuss with the mover about the delivery arrangements
  • Have the beds stripped and kept them ready for packing
  • Allow the movers to disassemble goods.
  • Go through the “Bill of Lading” before signing it.
  • Give your mover the information on how he will reach your destination.
  • Keep in touch with the agent of the mover you move.

In general your items will be sent in a moving van. Be sure that the mover contacts you soon before delivering your items. If you fail to arrive at the destine times, the mover will most likely place your goods in the storehouse. As a result you may have to pay extra amount for handling and storage. After your goods are delivered, be sure to check whether they are in proper condition or not. Don’t sign the moving inventory list unless you have checked your furniture as well as other items. You can claim your money back in case you find any of your goods are lost or damaged. However be sure to put forward your claim at the earliest. The mover should acknowledge a receipt for your claim within one month.

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