How to Make Display Ads Worth the Investment

  Emma Lopez    November 26, 2020    93


They are essentially online visual advertisements that appear on any website the user is on and includes a call-to-action.

Display Ads are the ideal choice when your goal is to increase brand awareness, as these ads are visually appealing and comparatively low cost. These type of ads are very unique. They are displayed on third party websites and will depend on the user’s browsing history and preferences. This is a technique used by most Lead Generation Agency for specific industries such as for lead generation for real estate in Melbourne.

There are many advantages to using display ads, if they are done effectively by a good Digital Marketing Agency.

Impressions – Display ads can be shown on literally thousands of websites. Because of this, you can target specific users who are relevant to your business, and through that create brand awareness, irrespective of where the consumer is on their purchasing journey.

Low Cost – Any PPC Agency in Melbourne will tell you that PPC campaigns are very low cost. Well, would you believe that display ads are even cheaper? Display ads can be shown on multiple websites at a fraction of the cost of PPC. It is the ideal strategy used by any Agency in Melbourne for ecommerce digital marketing in Melbourne or elsewhere

Search Activity – The multi-channel approach of display ads increases searches and ultimately conversions, because users are compelled to search for the business or product after seeing the advertisement. This is a great approach for ecommerce digital marketing, to advertise products sold on ecommerce sites.

Retargeting – With display ads you retarget those interested customers, even though they didn’t convert to a sale previously. It is a great way of engaging those customers who already know about you, and is used greatly by any Lead Generation Agency.

Geofencing – You can push display ads with offers and discounts to mobile devices depending on the user’s current geographical location and whose buying intent is high.

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