How To Hire Dedicated Remote Laravel Developers 

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No wonder Laravel is trusted by developers and companies around the world.  

It is an open-source web development framework based on MVC architecture. It is best recognized for its features which allow developers to create anything from scratch.  

To build dynamic and responsive websites using Laravel one needs proficient developers.  

In this post, we will look at what are the traits to look for in a Laravel developer and what you need to know before hiring one.  

Give these things a thought before hiring a Laravel Developer  

Project requirements  

Discuss the project requirements with the developers and how they will progress to achieve the expected results.  

The end goal and functionality  

It is necessary that you explain what is the purpose of building the web development project for your business? And what the final functionalities you are looking for.  

Testing Methods  

Testing is crucial for successful project development.  

All businesses should ask about the developer’s testing process and how they will apply for the web development project.  


Check the portfolio and previous projects is the most important thing to do while short listing developers for your remote software development project. This is obvious, but a developer’s portfolio will tell you what you need to know about their future inputs and successes.  

A developer’s portfolio has insights into what is the level of experience, quality of their work and skills gathered over time.  

You might not wanna niche down though. Because even though niche developers have a deeper understanding of the industry, they might lack the creativity and instantaneousness required for innovating. A multi-industry expert is a better choice as they have the best of all worlds and can design different types of web applications.  

Budget, Hiring & Delivery Time  

When it comes to deciding the total budget of the project and salary, you must discuss the total time estimations and extra requirements. The general models of hiring Laravel developers are at a fixed cost or on an hourly basis. Tell the project requirements to the developer and then decide accordingly which engagement model to choose from.  

Previous Work Record  

You must check the developer's previous work records to get better insights into their experience, skills and competence. Going through their previous projects, you will know the direct feedback of their former clients.  

During the interview, apart from judging their coding skills, ask them whether they are a team player, whether they are adaptable and do they crush the deadlines?  

All these traits are necessary for a Laravel developer to successful and on-time completion of a project.  

Skills of a good Laravel Developer  

Technical skills  

Understanding of Web Technologies  

In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript are crucial. A true analytical Laravel developer has a firm grip on all the web technologies to help them conceive the architecture efficiently.  

Laravel is used for backend development hence a practical working understanding of web technologies is suitable.  

A Laravel developer will either work on adjusting the backend to match the frontend or configuring the backend logic for database storage. So an acquaintance of working with database concepts is essential too.  

Experience in database and query optimization  

As we discussed in the last paragraph a working knowledge of databases is essential. That is because websites are heavily dependent on databases to handle user queries, storing user credentials and other inputs.  

The Laravel developer should have experience with NoSQL databases like MongoDB and SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL. If they are proficient in optimization of databases along with web development it is the icing on the cake.  

Cybersecurity is another important skill for developers as maintaining the data privacy of users is the priority of businesses. So the Laravel developers should understand data security concepts as well.  

Expertise in API, Object-Oriented Programming, and MVC 

Laravel is an open-source MVC based language. So the web developer must have experience of working APIs and model-view-controller architecture.  

Software development solutions are built to tackle real-world problems for businesses. An object-oriented mindset helps to model and design real-world solutions. It is an asset of a good Laravel developer.  

Server tools skills  

While looking for Laravel developers, find someone who knows server tools like Apache and Nginx as well.  

Laravel is a PHP framework and server-side programming is done in PHP, so the developers must be aware of server tools.  

Servers are used for hosting the application but now businesses are moving towards cloud-based hosting and deployment. Sound knowledge of cloud computing is also an added benefit.  

Testing skills  

Testing is the quality check procedure for software. Without thorough testing, there is no way a great product is built.  

The Laravel developer you are looking for must have the necessary testing skills to build a charming end product with great design and smooth functionalities. Via testing developers check potential threats and bugs to advocate an indulging user experience.  

Soft skills  

Along with technical skills, while hiring Laravel developers you should also analyze the mindset and general attitude towards work. When you are hiring a remote, their willingness to collaborate with the team and people skills make a positive difference.  

It's not just about completing the project, enjoying the process is also important.  

Here are some top attributes to search for: 

  • Verbal and written communication skills to explain bugs and threats  
  • Analytical thinking skills to solve real-world problems  
  • Creativity and adaptability to manage new languages and trends 
  • Take criticism constructively  
  • Flexible and productive as a team member and a lone ranger  

How custom software development companies can help  

Now you know that to hire the best Laravel developers, look for a combination of technical and people skills. But why waste your time handpicking the best ones from thousands.  

Hiring aLaravel development company can be a huge time and energy saver. They already have trained and experienced Laravel developers with multi-industry exposure and innovative ideas.  

Move fast and hire from the best Laravel development companies for your next big software development project. 

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