How to Find the Best and Hottest Penny Stocks

  Jeff Mirkin    September 10, 2013    1860


Finding the best and hottest penny stocks is not a matter of chance but generally speaking, there are two ways to find these modern-day golden nuggets. One, you do a lot of research and come up with your own best and hottest penny stock list or two, you make use of the best paid hottest penny stocks newsletter.

Mind you, I did say paid and not free Best penny stocks Newsletter because as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a truly free meal and when it comes to pumped up "hottest penny stocks", it could cost you more than the price of a decent meal.

Today, everything is more sophisticated. It is all hard sell. Identifying and keeping away from the rip-offs, pump-ups, dumps and crafty schemes is no easy task. There are hottest penny stocks schemes galore aimed at separating you from your hard earned money. In all cases, they play on human greed to get rich quickly.

So does this mean that all the folks who got rich buying and selling penny stocks are part of a fake story? No of course not. They are as real as gold miners finding nuggets of gold in a gold rush. Sometimes you get lucky. For most others gold prospecting and digging is a back breaking job. Fortunately, to make a profit on gold, you no longer have to go out and dig the stuff yourself.

Ditto the penny stock market. The Cheap penny Stocks are not always valued pennies. If you decide to do-it-yourself, you need to have a serious understanding of share market and penny stock figures before you can find the best and hottest penny stocks.

If the penny stock you bought went up several times and the total went from a few cents to $1 or higher, then either you're terribly lucky or you do know your stuff. You can also make use of specialized evaluation method to find the best and hottest penny stocks. Specialized evaluation is a series of computations done to evaluate a Hot Penny Stocks. It takes into account parameters such as preceding fees, trade volumes and so on. In any case, remember that the best and hottest penny stocks are seldom traded over the $1.50 mark. If a stock you are interested in has crossed that mark, stay away from it as it will either stagnate or shortly be on its way down.

But frankly, unless you are retired or have nothing better to do, finding the best and hottest penny stocks is time consuming, back breaking job. My advice to you is keep your eyes open for possibilities but also opt for a good, Free Stock Alerts. It is the only sure fire way of finding the best and hottest penny stocks. And paid newsletter because anyone trying to get you interested in a FREE penny stock newsletter is only out to cheat you because it would mean they receive money from stock promoters and you could end up buying pumped up stocks. There's no free meal, only a good paid penny stock tips coupled with frequent verification on your part will help you rake it in.

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