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Fiji is a pearl-like islands in the South Pacific, across the East, the Western Hemisphere, and is composed of 332 islands, of which 106 islands are inhabited, most of the volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs. 180 degrees longitude, which runs through the world-famous resort, tourist paradise. Hailed as "the world's top ten the honeymoon tourist attractions," one of the Ten beautiful beaches in the world. "

In Fiji, it is easy people issue "Heaven So much," sighs. Select Fiji Fiji's most representative coral island - Mamanuca Islands, the beautiful Mamanuca Islands, the original ecological beauty, colorful marine swimming, snorkeling, encounter the majestic the coral reefs and fish exchanges; forget all the troubles in the genial sunshine and fresh sea breeze.

The resort living very leisurely afternoon lying on the hotel's poolside, bathed in the warm, enjoy a free afternoon and recreational facilities on the island, check in, the hotel will ask each guest to fill a willingness table, filledhere to be able to provide the service: surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, speedboat, yoga, beach volleyball, island picnic ... most items are free, guests simply circle the activities that interestThe hotel will arrange your everything.The island, drinking iced coconut milk taste local seafood, again overlooking the distant billowing waves the time unconsciously in quickly.

To Fiji, Fiji's indigenous customs, the local indigenous people are very warm and simple, life is very simple, still retains many traditional practices on the island, the men wear skirts to wear flowers must mention the strange behavior of the fish in the deep seagroup calling into shallow water, in order to facilitate capture the magic chant ceremony, ceremony and other traditional means of escape, these are so we felt the original style of this island, walking on the road, you can also from time to time to hear Fijians singing, sothe island really relaxed feel to live here, work stress and worry, and put aside the city's fast-paced world, here is the most simple, the most suitable for our lives.

The chapel island full of tropical romantic style, it is recommended to take a look, whether married couples or unmarried couples.

Fiji customs, national taboo: Fijians are more conservative, as reflected in the clothing above, once you leave the hotel, both men and women, it is best not too cool to wear clothes, especially in the time to visit the village or the Fiji people, more must beattention to their dress. Enter the local people must take off your shoes, otherwise, it is a very bold behavior. Can not touch the the locals head, which is customary taboos. The locals "Bula" to say hello to you, "Bula" to respond to.

Instead of lingering on, tourists can record the happy hours and recall the memories. Upon this, Bros Video Converter brings three tips to follow:

*Prepare camera and accessories: Either for group or self-driving travel, planning a compact tour route is a must do at first. The true joy of life is the trip, and the true joy of trip is on the way. Make sure you have brought standby battery, chargers, card reader, data link and memory card to support camera shooting all the way long. Do not allow any spot and fun slip away.

*Upload and backup camcorder videos: A simple wrong button press may cause the loss of all sightseeing videos, or say, memories, so video backup is very important. It is strongly suggested to upload image and video data from JVC Sony Canon HD camcorder to computer when you are in the hotel room each night during the journey. It can also create space to capture more videos in the following days. After video backup, Try Bros TOD Converter to convert JVC Tod files to any popular format including FLV, MP4, MPG, AVI, MP3, FLAC, MKV, OGG, M4A, WAV, 3G2, VOB, SWF, and MOV. Also supports extract audios from those TOD files.

With such professional Bros TOD Converter, you can enjoy home videos freely on all popular portable devices like iPad 2, iPad, iphone 4, iphone, iTouch, iPod, etc

*Edit and process all captured videos: Since not all videos taken in the journey are interesting and valued, people can choose the most stirring ones and create clips by splitting and merging videos. Bros TOD Converter Mac can convert tod mac osx to all video/audio formats. TOD is recording formats for use in digital tapeless camcorders and JVC was the only supporter of TOD format like JVC GZ-HD5, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD30 and GZ-HD40.

With TOD Converter for Mac, users can convert TOD to MOV format for playing with Quicktime player on Mac osx, convert TOD to 3GP for playing with Android phone, Blackberry and Palm, converting TOD to MP4 for playing with iPad 2, iPhone 4s and iPod and convert TOD mac and uploading to YouTube, Myspace or Facebook.

You can try this function is very powerful Bros TOD Converter software, there are those functions that you say, you can learn from it and see that you have no help.
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