How To Create an App Like Discord?

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Discord, though new to the world, has promptly moved to the top and is well-liked by everyone out there. It has managed to expand beyond the initial targeted audience of gamers. Discord is a completely free video, text, and voice chat app available for adults and teens of 13 years and above. It was made to bring individuals together through gaming. Discord is geared mainly towards the video game players, offering them with methods to find one another, talk while playing, and coordinate play. Many people use it not only for talking to one another while playing different games but like social and organization tools too.

Discord is a quite new mobile app but its desktop version has managed to win the hearts of avid gamers around the world. The gamers no need to enable the in-built chat option in the game they game since they can communicate with each other by simply being present in one lobby. So, if you are thinking to create your own app like Discord, then you may collaborate with app developers India who are the expert at creating apps like Discord with overlooking intricate details.

Though Discord is not the first one in line, it has managed to gain great popularity. A key selling point of the Discord app is that this app does not have any limit on the number of users who can use the free server. Not just this, but all the limits of Discord are high enough to make it a favorite of one and all. Not only gamers but YouTube and Instagram influencers have joined the Discord community.

Tips To Create an App Like Discord

Discord is created using state-of-the-art technologies. Below are some of the technologies you will need to make a great app like Discord:

Server-Side Technology

The server part is the core of a VoIP app. It is also known as backend. With good backend, communication between users can be uninterrupted and smooth. To make a large-scale mobile or web app for connecting a large number of people, the backend needs to be of wonderful quality. You can use technologies like Python, Elixir, C++, and Ruby for the server-side.


To focus on the client-side, your Discord kind-of app should work well on any device be it desktop, mobile, or anything else. If you don’t wish to target your app at gamers, you can focus on Android or iOS app or web browser version.

File Sharing

When making a text and voice app like Discord, you should not forget to include the file-sharing feature. Ignoring it can be a huge mistake. Research your targeted audience needs to measure the reasonable file size limit. Generally, more powerful servers will be needed to upload large files.


An option to integrate other services and accounts with the chat app is not only a must-have but a great addition as well. While making an app like Discord, you can let users connect their social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. While making a chatting app for gamers, Steam or Twitch integration can be quite useful. Whereas for businesses, they can be some industry-specific networks and apps.


Mainly created for voice communication, Discord also enabled text messaging. Discord enables both video and voice chats. When creating a voice chat app, you need to have quality audio as well. You can include video and voice chat functionality using WebRTC. It is a fully open-source project which uses APIs for offering apps with world-class video and audio communication.

Channels and Servers

Channels and servers ate where the teams hang out. Discord server supports up to 500 different channels at once. There are thousands of servers already hosted by discord. If you cannot find a server that fits in your needs, it is possible to make your own server and share a link on social media. While creating an app like Discord, ensure to give an option to change the join settings.

Permissions and Roles

Admins can easily tweak permissions within channels and servers and assign the roles for members. You can adjust permissions and roles for every channel separately on a Discord server. One of the most amazing features of Discord is the flexibility to manage channels. So, ensure to consider this when planning to create a site like Discord.

Data Protection

While creating a text messaging and voice chat app like Discord, do focus on issues of data protection and encryption. Any information like sensitive business information and personal data can leak from apps. So, ensure to protect the user data with end-to-end encryption utilizing TLS protocol.

Message History

Some VoIP apps offer settings where messages are cleared after a fixed time automatically. It is done mainly to save device storage since messages can collect over time. However, while creating an app like Discord, you need to consider offering unlimited storage space. As far as business purpose is considered, you will have to consider reviewing your months old message as well from time to time. Moreover, to make your user experience smoother, adding search functionality feature along with unlimited search history can be very helpful, suggest the app developers Melbourne.


VOIP apps like Discord are not simple to create. Many different things go into creating an app like this. In fact, the technology behind the group video and voice calls is still developing. Moreover, issues like data protection also have to be considered carefully to resolve. But with cautious efforts and appropriate time, one can develop a voice and text chatting app like Discord easily. There are app developers India and App developers Melbourne who can help you in the same.

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