How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Custom Wedding Logo Design?

  Rita  Summers    March 8, 2012    1225


The trickiest and most difficult part in the entire process designing a wedding symbol is the selection of colors. Since the matrimony symbol is the guiding factor for the entire event, everyone from the florist to the dress designer would start their jobs only after you tell them your emblem colors.

So, how to choose the perfect colors for your custom wedding logo design?

The best tip is to let your personality shine through.

Every color signifies a trait or a quality. Every color gives off a vibe or sets a mood. Find out what colors describe your personality most appropriately and then use it in your occasion emblem. Through this color you will be setting the entire tone of your brand mark and ultimately the event.

Are you traditional and old fashioned by nature?

If you want your mark to be elegant and conservative with a vintage touch then use white, ivory or champagne colors in your brand mark. Pure white with a combination of black are the most popular colors for wedding emblems as they signify innocence, purity and wholesomeness. Ivory or champagne is used when you want to add a little color to the design but keep it traditional and conservative at the same time.

Would you prefer a dainty and feminine emblem?

Then use a light purple. Purple signifies nobility, luxury, creativity and spirituality. Using lighter tones of this color signify romance and sensuality due to which this is often a favorite.

Do you want your symbol to look playful and happy?

Then pink is the perfect color for you as it represents love, cheerfulness, gentleness and harmony with a touch of playfulness.

Is your personality passionate and dramatic?

Then use dark red. The combination of dark red and black looks bold and daring. This is also a combination that attracts instant attention and looks audacious. Using red as the overall color for the design also symbolizes your deep love for your mate.

Do you want to have an eastern touch in your mark?

Then use yellow or gold with a combination of white or off white. Yellow is a color that can add an oriental and eastern touch to your symbol. It also says cheerfulness and friendship whereas gold denotes luxury and warmth. When coupled with white tones, the overall image gives a very comfortable and contented feeling.

Do you prefer discreet glamour and sophistication?

Then you can use a dull silver or gray with a combination of white. This combination will represent subtle wealth with a touch of elegance in your wedding logo monogram.

Are you a fan of the beaches and summer?

Then use aqua blue which says that you are a fan of the tropical and Caribbean weather. Blue also indicates freshness, enthusiasm and a love for fun.

Now that you have a clear idea of what each color means, you can use a color for your wedding brand mark that describes your personality and preferences most appropriately.

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