How to Choose an Appropriate Name for Your App?

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Shakespeare had famously said ‘What's in a name?' but for businesses, names are their recognition and one cannot snub away the importance of appropriate names for boosting the sales. Mobile applications, better known as apps today, have captured the market. From simple calculator app to complex business apps, you can find almost anything on the web and smartphones today. Apps have a wide ranging utility that makes them an indispensable part of life. But if apps are not properly named, you could be wasting a great idea as it wouldn't catch the attention of the fleeting customer base.

Many times businesses tend to give very less importance to this important aspect of application marketing. But it should be realized that as important it is to develop a succinct app it is equally, if not more, important to properly name it. If you hastily name the app, your long-term goals could be greatly affected. A pre-matured decision and a hasty nomenclature are never good signs of business. On the other hand, it isn't always easy to get an attractive, easy-to-remember and unique name. That's why we've some pro tips that can help you choose an apt name for your app.


  • Keep it Short and Simple : How many times have you been suggested to keep things simple and for how many things? Probably innumerable. Well, even while naming apps it is important that you keep the name simple. Too long a name that cannot fit the screen and has to end with ellipses should be completely avoided.
  • Easy to Pronounce : Sometimes in order to get creativity, we can get overboard and that's when the danger alert pops up! This is what happens when you take creativity too seriously and start naming apps that are difficult to pronounce. Omitting the vowels from the name used to be a common trend sometime back but the problem of pronunciation has made businesses rethink on this strategy. Not everyday do names like Flickr (without the E) get popular.
  • Be Descriptive Yet Innovative : It may sound difficult. How do you make the app name descriptive yet innovative? An app is called ‘PicDish'. It doesn't take much to guess that the app is about taking picture of dishes. Simple yet unique. However, you also need to realize that if you are developing an overtly popular application, it can very difficult to name the app. For example, iPhone has thousands of calculator apps. The challenge is how to rise above competition and yet stay true to character. ‘Calcular+', ‘iCalc4me', ‘Calculator!!' are some of iPhone calculator apps!
  • The Two-Part Naming Trick : TweetBot, EverNote, Wunderlist have started a wonderful and simple naming trick. They have compiled two words and put them together giving a new name altogether. This way you can easily have a unique, simple and descriptive name all at the same time.
  • Check on Competitor's App Names : You wouldn't want to have a similar name to your competitor's one. Similar names can confuse users which will not do you any good. Your app name could abide to all the above points but if it is too similar to your competitor, you will have to go back and rethink on the name.
  • Categorize Your App : For overall marketing, categorizing the app helps in the nomenclature. You can also enhance the description as well as the USP when you have categorized the app.

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