How to build a wireless network

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One can build wireless home network, a wireless LAN by using simple three-step approach like identify the WLAN design that is best for the situation. Choose good wireless gear and install gear and test the configured WLAN. Though prices have dropped severely from a few years ago when wireless gear was quite expensive.
Benefits of Wireless:
Wireless offers real benefits over traditional wired networking. Ever tried to quickly look up a recipe on the Net although cooking in the kitchen. These are just some of the things wireless can do. There are many types of wireless equipment. The five types of tools found in wireless home networks are wireless network adapters, wireless access points, wireless routers, add-on wireless antennas, wireless signal booster. The wireless network does not need a huge cable or wire to make the room look dirty and they are much more convenient.
What is wireless?
Wireless networking is one of the fastest-growing forms of networking in the world. Until very recently, it has been both expensive and very difficult to use the wireless. Horror stories thrive out of young businesses paying thousands of dollars only to find that the range on their equipment is not enough for their office. There are many common question arises before buying any wireless equipments. The questions are what to buy, what is the need, how to get it started properly? Wireless networking is constantly improving and changing though the basic principle is the same. Instead of using standard cables to transmit information from one point to another or many, it uses radio signals. The closest evaluation that can be made is 2.4GHz cordless phones. In fact, the technology used is almost identical and the benefits of this almost go without saying. With wireless networking a computer or laptop can be moved anywhere within the range of the network without any pause of network service. This means that if some one has a laptop, then one can sit in the favorite recliner and still surf the Internet or access the network without dragging a cord across the room here and there.
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