How to build a Classified App like OLX/ Quicker?

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Since digital transformation, classified ads have become a crucial way to promote business. Before this, it was a form of advertisement which you can see at corner of stationery shop. Now, it shifted to classified app develop results in the form of OLX, Quicker and yellow pages and finally it can to apps.

A report tells, the next phase of growth of Digital Classified in India will be driven by horizontal classified such as – real estate, online services, automobiles and even these will make up 30% of total market growth. In 2020, the digital classified industry will growth three-fold to become a $1.2 billion market. If you’re planning to build a classified app, it is required to hire a best classified app development company that deliver best solutions.

What is a Classified App?

A classified app is a platform that lets you to sell, buy or rent things, i.e. furniture, property, books, electronics, education material, pets and many more things. It is different from online shopping site, which is basically a B2C platform where businesses sell to end customers. Besides this, a classified app can be anything from B2C, C2C or B2B. It allows anyone to sell or buy things over these platforms.

In the present scenario, classified businesses are building their own apps or websites to reach wide range of customers.

Why Do You Need a Classified Mobile App?

A Classified Mobile App provide the power to buy and sell anything online. People over the world always browse the internet looking for second-hand things or the best place to buy real estate properties. Such apps make your classified business become more accessible and reach to many customers. It also boosts up your online presence and brand recognition in online market that results to gain more loyal customers. Moreover, if you hire a classified App development company to build app, it assist to generate more traffic on your site that will soonly convert into sales. A mobile app enables businesses to engage with target audiences, listen their problems and provide timely solutions.

How Much Does it Cost to build a Classified App?

The actual cost to create a classified app is varied according to user requirements. It is impossible to estimate the precise time and cost involve in app development process without knowing the exact requirements of clients. There are several factors that can affect the cost of classified app, such are defined as below-

App Platform – The major factor that affects cost of a classified app is chosen platform you would like to opt in the initial stage. It takes more time to build an app on Android or iOS, both platforms, so choose the one initially. If you’re successful with one, then shift on another.

App Design – It is required that an app has innovative and design that engages more users and retain them for long-run. Although, excellent design will cost high but with best design practices you can reduce costs.

App Size – The size of an app is also an important factor that affects its costs. App size includes various functionalities, features and user database that every mobile application must have. Hence, apps have to be scalable thus to retain its effectiveness and efficiency even with high number of users.

App Developers – The cost of an app also depends on geographic location of developers. Their experience and expertise level even also matters a lot. If you hire highly experienced and skilled candidate, they will cost high. You’ll need following team of developers to build a robust classified app – Project Manager, Android/ iOS Developers, UX/ UI Designers, Quality Engineers and Back-end Developers.

Find out the cost of developers on the basis of geographical location-

India – $10 to $80/hour

Australia – $50 to $150/hour

Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour

USA/Canada-based dev teams – $50 to $250/hour

Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour.

Important Features to Must Have in a Classified App

Enable users to explore thousands of ads – This features allows your app to identify thousands of ads in just few steps. When a user comes to an app, they want to explore products or services, thus you should allow them to discover various classified and deals of products to purchase in nearby areas. On the other hand, you should also list categorised into auto, truck, cars and property so people can find out product without any hassle.

Don’t forget to given detail information along with these products that assists people to know about products and take buying decisions.

Faster and easier process – You should focus on making faster and easier selling or buying process. While developing an app, a classified app development company needs to ensure that ad posting and purchasing an item is simple thus users don’t face any problem while posting/ selling / buying any product and services.

Search functionality – This feature assists users to search their desired products and services. With the assistance of this functionality, people can locate any product with scrolling or navigate the whole application.

Among thousands of products, navigating for every product is a quite tough task thus you can help users with a search console option. It will be easiest and fastest way for users’ to search for any product as per their choice.

Allowing sharing ads on social networks – Ask you App Development Company to integrate social media networks to your classified applications. Connect with social media networks, it will helps to improve your app’s functionality.‚Äč

In-apps messaging – It exactly matches what it sounds. By using this feature, people can send a message to each other and discuss the details of products.

Wrapping up!!!

Classified apps have become popular nowadays as it helps people to easily buy or sell products without going anywhere. If you would like build an app like OLX or Quicker, hire a best classified app development company which has immense experience in mobile app development and ensure to deliver robust solutions.

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