How PSD to HTML Conversion Helps in Simplifying the Web Development Process?

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Web development has come of age over the years. Earlier a few static pages loaded with information were enough to earn laurels from the visitors. However with the advent of the Web 2.0 website have become more dynamic and interactive. PSD to HTML conversion has emerged as the most preferred means to get highly customized websites. In this the website is first designed as an image in Photoshop upon which it is converted in to the HTML or XHTML markup. This is also involved conversion of PSD o CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. Let us take a look at how PSD to HTML conversion simplifies web development process.

1. Customizes Your Website - This web development technique lets you develop highly customized website. Since you design the website as an image in Photoshop you can customize the appearance, color scheme and images to meet the requirements of your business. You can achieve custom functionalities in your website. Custom websites also add to the brand value of your business.

2. Search Engine Friendly - Web designers hand code the website using semantic coding techniques which enhances the quality of codes in your website. The codes also undergo W3C validation which helps get rid of errors in the HTML codes. Clean codes attract search engine crawlers which improve your website's rank in the search engine results pages.

3. Cross Browse Compatible - You can achieve cross browser compatible websites using this technique. This ensures that your website renders and functions uniformly in popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

4. It Brings In Uniformity - PSD to CSS conversion allows you to have uniformity in the web pages. Since the page attributes such as font size, color scheme, size of images are controlled by the CSS file you get a uniform looking website. CSS also reduces the load time of your website attracting more visitors. Any changes to the look and appearance of the website can thus be inflicted by altering the CSS file without touching the individual webpages.

5. It is Scalable - Custom developed websites are high on the scalability factor. This means with time you can add new features and functionalities to your website without altering the design and appearance. This is not possible when you make use of templates as adding new features would require you to use a fresh template.

6. CMS Integration - Most web developers prefer to manage their websites using popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. PSD to HTML conversion makes it extremely easy to integrate HTML and CSS files into the CMS admin and manage websites using a web based interface without touching the codes in the website.

PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion are the most tried and tested techniques of web development. You need to hire the services of a professional web development company which has prior expertise in developing customized websites. This way you will be able to draw maximum mileage out of your business website.

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