How Installing different Joomla Plugins can improve your Website's Performance?

  Mark  Wilston    June 21, 2012    1269


Are you looking for an open source, free content management system? Have you been reading a lot about the various CMSs available in the market? If so you must have read a great deal about Joomla website development too. As one of the best open source and free CMS available in the market, there are several reasons why businesses prefer using Joomla. It is not only a robust application but is loaded with so many advantages that it is hard to resist the CMS. The modules or the plugins give it several brownie points over the other CMSs. Plugins by nature have always been developed for improving the performance of a website and with Joomla it is no different.

How Installing different Joomla Plugins can improve your Website's Performance?

1. Joomla Plugins Make Sites Functional: Today a user’s attention span is very less. The challenge that businesses face in developing websites is to catch the attention of the users in a very short period of time and induce them to stay on the site. With the help of Joomla plugins it isn’t difficult to make a site functional. From videos to graphics, comments and feedback, there is a plugin for almost every function. Moreover there are plugins that help in navigation too.

2. Helps Analysis Traffic: Installing a Google Analytics plugin into your Joomla powered website can mean a lot of things. It allows you to track the users visiting your website, their demographics, and their choice of keywords and what they download from your site. All these things will help you to improve the website and change the content according to the demand of the people.

3. Better SEO: There are several Joomla plugins that help in search engine optimization. To really beat the competition in this age and time, making a website SEO friendly is a priority for most businesses. Getting more people to your site can only happen when your website rank high on search engine results pages. Plugins such as SEOSimple, SEO-Generator and SEO Canonicalisation Plugin are some of the extensions that help in improving SEO.

4. Plugins Make Site Faster and Responsive: Apart from making a website SEO friendly it is essential that care is taken to make it faster. There are modules which speed up the page load time and help in improving the performance of a site. These plugins basically have cache files that help loading a site faster into a web browser. Since it is the age where websites can be viewed from multiple devices it becomes important to make sites responsive. Installing a responsive plugin will mean that the site will be able to detect the device and load the site version accordingly.

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