How can I tell when my tyres need to be replaced?

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If you own a motorcycle (or any other vehicle for that matter), then there are two things that you should always be mindful of:

  • The condition of your tyres; and,
  • When they need to be replaced.


If your tyres have been punctured or damaged in any way, then it is important for you to replace them as soon as possible. You can easily find tyres online in Sri Lanka, for whatever vehicle you are using, but remember that most of those available out there in the market are imported and hence car or motorcycle tyre prices in Sri Lanka can be a bit on the high side.


Look for signs of wear and tear on your such as cracks, cuts, or uneven tread

Wear and tear can cause them to lose traction, making it difficult for you to control the motorcycle. If cracks or cuts appear on the treads, then this is another sign that they need to be replaced as soon as possible. This can cause dangerous accidents if not addressed immediately upon first noticing them. When replacing worn out ones, ensure that you always get the correct size to avoid compromising safety.


In addition, if the treads have uneven patterns or it feels bumpy when you drive over bumps on the road, then this is a sign that they need replacing as well.


Uneven wear could be caused by faulty suspension arms and poor alignment of the motorcycle itself, which makes driving very dangerous for both yourself and other motorists sharing roads with you. Ensure you always check these things first before going ahead with any repairs or replacements to your vehicle’s tyres as incorrect measurements can lead to serious accidents as well as damage to your vehicle's steering systems.


A good indication of whether your motorbike needs new tyres instead of being repaired, is how long it takes for them to start showing signs of wear and tear and how good the tread is at this point. If it takes them a very long time to show signs of wear and tear, you might be able to get away with having them repaired. However, if they start wearing down quickly after being fitted on your bike or car, then replacement should be considered a priority, and you should quickly order your motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka in order to avoid further problems.


If you notice that one particular wheel shows much more damage than others while using the same driving conditions, for example going over potholes often, this will mean that they need replacing immediately because there is probably something wrong with the suspension system which could lead to serious accidents as well as cause excessive stress on other components such as steering systems, making driving extremely dangerous.


If you are not sure about whether your tyres need to be replaced or not, here are some tell-tale signs that they probably do:

  • The treads have worn down completely.
  • The rubber is peeling off the surface in large pieces.
  • You can see mould on the inside.
  • Any puncture repair kit has already been used more than three times.
  • You hear any unusual vibration while riding or driving.
  • There are visible cracks or splits.


Remember that if even one of these conditions exist, it is time for a change!


Check the air pressure at least once a week

Checking the air pressure on a regular basis is also important especially if you are using your vehicle for work or similar purposes. The air pressure degrades over time due to environmental factors like heat etc, which means they become underinflated and will eventually lose their grip making it difficult to drive safely without having an accident, because of loss of control on the road surface.


Checking the air pressure is not only about safety but can save you money too as high quality motorcycle tyres are expensive so even though you might be able to continue driving with low pressure, lower inflation increases wear and tear leading them to need replacing sooner rather than later.


Listen to the sound of your bike or car

Most times you can tell that there is something wrong just by listening to the sound they make when riding or driving. If the sound of your vehicle is different than normal it may be a sign that something is wrong. You can also check the pressure with a standard air gauge and if they are low, you might want to fill up.


Your tyres should not only look good but perform well on the road surface too. It applies especially for those who partake in extreme riding where grip matters even more, such as dirt bikes or motocross riders. In such cases loss of control on the road surface could lead to serious injury so make sure they provide enough traction at all times by replacing them when needed.


Keep an eye on how much mileage you are doing and look out for any unusual vibrations when riding

Every tyre has a certain amount of mileage it can do, and anything beyond that is when you should replace them. However, it is best to be proactive in this case and look out for any unusual vibrations while riding because these are signs that they might need to be replaced soon.


Get regular checks done by professionals who can tell if they are worn out or not just by looking at them

Getting a professional to check them at least twice a year is the best way to ensure that they are working fine and in good condition. A professional mechanic can tell if they need replacing by just looking at them, so you don't have to go through removing and checking each one on your own. In addition, they may be more experienced to notice any damages or conditions that you might miss.


Replace all of them at once instead of replacing one at a time

When replacing your tyres, it is best to replace all at once because it is more efficient and cost effective. Instead of spending time and money replacing one at a time, you can replace them all in the same amount of time as it would take to just change out one. This also prevents wear on your new purchases because they will not be rotating with old ones that are about to break down; this helps keep them balanced for longer, as well as preventing uneven treadwear which could lead to dangerous situations such as accidents or safety hazards.


When doing so, make sure you buy matching ones from the dealership rather than mixing brands or models, otherwise your bike may handle differently, making it harder for you to control properly if some of them have different grip levels than others do.

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