How Can Eyes Become An Access Point For Germs, And How To Take Care Of Your Eyes.

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The majority of us do it often enough that we might not even remember it every time. Rubbing our eyes is a fast and simple way to make them feel better, whether we're sleepy, our eyes are dry or itchy, or something gets caught in one of them, but it's actually doing more harm than good. We contaminate our eyes with germs, like viruses, any time we rub them, and that can be the easiest way for them to pave their way through our system.

So how can we prevent and take care of our eyes?

Fortunately, our eyes are always prepared with self-defence mechanisms, ready to evade any form of foreign contamination. Our eyelashes bat away unwanted organisms that pass through, and they also blink constantly. The real problem is when you rub your eyes constantly, it provides free access to germs much faster than you think, leading to conjunctivitis and many more.

Although we can't always avoid touching our eyes, particularly if we wear contact lenses, it's best to limit contact and thoroughly wash our hands before accessing them. To reduce the ability of germs to hide under our fingernails, we should trim them regularly. Medical personnel wear gloves while dealing with patients because of germs under their fingernails.

Eye protection is needed when participating in certain sports, working in jobs such as factory work and construction, and doing home repairs or projects to avoid eye injuries and infection. Playing sports and working outside can increase the number of germs entering your eye by rubbing sweat off your face, allowing a variety of eye infections to enter.

If you wear make-up, stick to products that fit your skin tone. Avoid eye shades, mascara, and eyeliners if you have an allergic reaction to them. To prevent bacterial build-up from leftover make-up left in the eye region, use a make-up remover before going to bed. Similarly, clean your make-up brushes on a regular basis, particularly if you use them for eye make-up.

Make sure your eyes are safe no matter what you're doing. Wear goggles if you're going swimming to protect your eyes from chlorine. Meanwhile, put on protective glasses if you're gardening or working on a DIY project at home to protect your eyes from dirt, bacteria, and accidents. Because expired chemicals and chlorine added to pool water cause 97% of swimmers to get eye infections, make sure you are wearing safety eye goggles when swimming.

Dirt and dust will irritate the eyes, and they are pretty much unavoidable wherever you go, so make sure the places you visit are kept clean and well-maintained. Keep your workstation clutter-free by changing your linens and towels on a regular basis. Have your home office workspace dusted and cleaned properly, because these places are the ones where you spend most time, especially in 2021.

Cleaning that crusty scab of pus or mucus in the morning, especially from a groggy sleep, can be an uncomfortable task, but doing it the right way is mandatory. Use a lukewarm cloth to dust the pieces away, and rinse till you are free of any signs of them. Remember to use a clean washcloth and immediately discard it to avoid spreading infection, if any.

Whether you like it or not, eat your carrots. Cleaning your eyes everyday might help, but keeping them healthy is also a crucial point before anything. There are plenty of nutritious foods to add to your daily meal, that can boost your eye sight and support better vision. Spinach, kale, apricots or even Vitamin C supplements would definitely help your eyes fight off infection faster than you expect.

For those of you who wear contact lenses, beware! These products are one way where bacteria can enter your eyes with minimal effort. Before removing your contact lens, wash your hands with soap and water. Every night, we use a new approach. If you've had the same storage case since you first started wearing contacts, discard it and swap it every three months. Since tap water isn't sterile and contains microorganisms that can cause severe infections, don't use it to clean your contact lenses. When it comes to sleeping, it's also a good idea to take out your contacts before going to bed.

You can do better at home, at work, or behind the wheel if you have good vision. That's why it's vital to take a few quick measures to ensure that your eyesight remains at its highest. A routine eye check from opticians in Sri Lanka is the most effective way to safeguard your vision – and it's a simple step to take.

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