Highveld Datsun: A Top Notch Sedan

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Highveld Datsun is situated in Secunda, a South African town that is aptly placed amidst coalfields. This is official Datsun dealership that is appropriately positioned in the Mpumalanga province at Kiewiet Street in Secunda. In latin, Secunda means second. It is now official news that the debut of the most awaited Datsun car has been at this dealership venue in Secunda. The car has all the goodness that the South African youth wanted in their vehicle all this while. As such, Datsun Secunda has zeroed on the fashion-centric youth and also the individuals who are making their first-time buy in the segment of affordable vehicles. This is quiet a showcasing that has generated lot of hype, hoopla and of course the crowds. 

Virtual Driving

Highveld Datsun Secunda has been acclaimed by all its clienteles that have bought their Datsun from this prestigious dealership. The event was hugely celebrated by word-of-mouth acclaim from real customers rather than through a media-centric marketing gimmick. The vehicle stands tall on the Old-is-Gold ideology and is perfectly old fashioned in terms of rendering safety to its drivers. The car is devoid of airbags, but this does not hamper its safety system one bit. There are drivers that just love the old technology to the novel range of automatic technology imparted in new cars. The car renders first-time drivers with virtual driver training, thus rendering them assistance in learning via realistic experience. 


The company has labeled the car as risers as it is based on high tech plugged in technology as some of its other features. It is five-door, magical car but with a hunch back. The engine is 51 KW 1.2 liter engine and has a five-speed manual transmission. The company titles it as 20kms per liter fuel consumption car. 


The company is out to locate dealers’ network to enhance its sale. The company feels that youth is socially mobile and will choose this car as a proud display of status. Highveld Datsun Secunda Dealership is a very prestigious ownership. There are many takers, and the competition is high among the countrymen.

Japanese Technology

New Datsun vehicles Secunda is lasting, pretty and credible Japanese technology car. It has a mobile docking terminal which is very convenient. The driver can sync their mobile to it for a musical journey. The company has entered the market at the right time when the social mobile generation is ready to flaunt their assets. This legendary brand will do well. 

Upkeep facility 

The pre-owned vehicles Datsun Secunda will now enjoy all the facility of upkeep at designated places authorized by the company. This new car is re-introduction of the brand internationally. The company name is well established in Africa and needs no introduction. The African love the brand; thus, the brand value has positivity for the manufacturers. The re-entry of Nissan is welcomed. 

Mechanical Repairs

Workshop and vehicles services Datsun Secunda will now undertake all mechanical repairs of the car. It will include parts like;-

Air conditioning

Auto electrical repairs

Alternators and starters

Brakes and steering wheel with parts

Brakes CV joints and clutches

Battery repair

In short the vehicle repair extends to all parts of the car. 

The Beauty

The physical appeal is not a deterrent. Neither is it ugly. The smart front view shows angled headlights, a well-framed bonnet, and a huge hexagonal grille. The logo of the company makes a nice nose. The car is stylish. The rear resembles Nissan of earlier days. It is broad with tail lamps. The company provides accessories and looks can be personalized. Included in the list is;-

Fittings of chrome

Roof rails

Single spoiler

Wheels of alloy

It is a car worthy of ownership.

Highvelddatsun is a prestigious Datsun dealership setup in Secunda, South Africa. This setup provides a customer-centric approach in presenting range of Datsun cars to customers. People, who desire a dealership setup in Datsun that renders branded services to clients, then this is the setup they would like to rely on.

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