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Today many people are installing water gardens and fountains for many reasons. It is said that the soothing sound of the fountains helps to relax and also makes one vibrant. The fountains or any water body can calm ones nerves and provide a source of relaxation. It has been understood that fountains do more than just act as landscaping or aesthetic feature.

What Is Heirloom Fountains?

The fountains that are passed from one generation to another are known as heirloom fountains. They would be the family fountains that are handed over to the children . These fountains are priceless. In fact, it can be called as antique fountains. Today , the replicas of the old generation fountains are made . Since they are made using good quality materials like marble , slate, sandstone, glass, bronze or copper, they can be used as a heirloom that could be passed for one generation to another.

Popular Heirloom Fountains

Some rare designs and styles are considered to be heirloom fountains. The popular heirloom fountains are listed below.

1. Lady With Bucket Fountain

This fountain is made of bronze using the technique called lost wax technique. The bronze is resistant to corrosion . The lady with bucket is an indoor and outdoor fountain. This fountain today is priced approximately around $2300.

2. Large Mermaid

The mermaid statute is a garden fountain. The material used is bronze with Verdi finish. The weight of the fountain without the pump is 105 pounds. The size is 34 inch tall and 34 inch long. The price of the fountain is $3000.

3. Two Crane In Tree

The crane in tree fountain is a very rare and priceless design and is designed for indoors. The crane in tree is a bronze piece that was created using the lost wax method. The price of this unique fountain is $4900.

4. Dragon Fountain

This is a bronze fountain made using the lost wax method. This is an outdoor fountain, which would add beauty and charm to the garden. It can be placed on the edge of the pool or the pond. The dragon fountain is intricately sculpted and the cost is $6500/-

The other fountains that are very much in demand and also considered as the antique fountains are dancing girl amidst Flowers, boy and girl on the log, hippo fountain and so on.

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