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Soil nesting ants can create enough annoyance that it may be desirable to reduce their numbers in the yard or around the house. The first troubling situation that may justify treatment is when ants are nesting close to the house and are searching for food indoors. Any turf grass spray should work and stop the ants to invade. Secondly ant mounds can be built by special species of ants known for this type of habit but other ants can make size able dirt piles if conditions are right.
Removing ant mounds in lawns
For eliminating ant mounds in lawns first, rake the ant mound down level by spreading the dirt to the surrounding area and check if the ants rebuild the mound. If they do, then use an insecticide to reduce the population rather than fight the mound with repeated raking.
Organic ant killer
Organic lawn care product, which provide a natural alternative for insect control strategies. It offers the homeowner organic and natural way to control insect. This organic lawn care product has a wide range of chemical free pesticides and natural insect control products. That includes organic spray, chemical free garden pesticide organic ant killer. All of the products have been extensively tested to ensure performance without any residue issues. It is a non-toxic and effective ant control, or all around organic spray for bugs, as these products are safe and reliable. The products are 100% natural and are derived from cedar, which has been used for many years as an ant repellent. These are child safe too. The ant, which makes mounts in the lawn, can make the lawn very unhealthy too. Thus removal of ants is must. Thee are many products in the market, which can remove the ant from building in the very first stage in the lawn. An ant makes the lawn very dirty and unsafe for children. The ant pill looks so dirty and the turf grass can be affected as well. It is better to use organic product then toxic product as it cause less harm to the plant as well as the homeowner health.

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