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  Harshada Jadhav    May 11, 2016    577


Hands of every human are put to many usages in a daily routine. Hands can perform hundreds of operations like lifting, holding, pulling, pushing or rotating. They are also used for a very important function in the life cycle. Hands are used for feeding the self. The action of feeding self is very important, because human body sustains on the energy created by consumption of food. The same hands also sometimes cause health problems through unhygienic practices.

More than half of global population use bare hands for eating. Edible items are touched with bare hands for putting the food in the mouth. If these very hands are not properly washed before touching the food, then the consequences are invariably unpleasant. Dirty hands would cause many bacteria and germs to get fixed to food items facilitating their entry into the human body. The resultant ailments are not difficult to imagine. Dysentery, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, influenza and many more diseases are caused by dirty hands used while eating. The presence of a hand washing station would greatly reduce the chances of such diseases. The presence of germs on unwashed hands results in the entry of the germs in the mouth and then in the body system. Such a situation must be avoided for keeping the individuals healthy.

The situation of eating with dirty hands worsens when many people assemble at an outdoor place. Washing of hands needs to be accomplished with the help of portable hand wash. When such an arrangement exists, people are able to wash hands properly before eating. Thus a mobile hand wash station proves to be very useful. These days there are many agencies, which provide hand washing stations to meet exact requirement. The agencies’ expertise in this field can be best utilized for serving the purpose. Portable hand wash can be placed in requisite numbers at strategic locations, so that every member in the gathering can avail the facility easily. Adults do have a responsibility to inculcate in the children, the healthy habit of washing hands before every meal. Children learn quickly, when they are taught the lessons at an early age. Children should be educated about the possible dangers of eating with dirty hands. They also must be encouraged to spread the message to their friends.

Large numbers of people gather at many events like camps, weddings, rallies and similar occasions.  Portable hand wash would be of great use in such situations. An adequate number of such mobile hand wash stations would serve the purpose of the organizers. All people at the gatherings should be properly notified about presence of hand washing stations, so that people can make use of the facility. Organizers of such outdoor mega events would do a great service to society, by taking proper care of hygiene of the assembled people. More hygienic conditions would result in improving health standards of everybody in the assembly. Such an approach would be beneficial for the whole society, as energy and money required for fighting the diseases, would be saved to great extent. Mobile hand wash station is indeed the need of the hour for an ailment free society.

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