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Oiling is a amazing way to keep the moisture content high all the way to the tips and works best in blend with other details. It is the mixture of the details that creates beautiful hair. Excellent detangling, proper washing, good quality products in shampoo and conditioner choices, high quality detangling tools, oiling and dusting and wearing hair contained for the most part

How to oil

To oil the hair is quite easy task. Take a small amount of oil such as coconut oil, barely a fingernail full and rub between the palms to warm and melt a bit. There should be a very pure layer of oil on the palms as a result, barely discernable except for the shine or reflection in the light. Then apply the oil to pre-washed and already fully dry and detangled hair. Those with thick hair need to separate the hair more to get more at the deeper inward layers to get some oil there. This oil is then left in as the leave-in conditioner and not removed until the next hair washing. Curly hair people will like oiling as the weight it imparts showing off the pattern of the curls. Oiling increases moisture content provides a protective layer against damage like splits and the weight helps the hair to move as one body. The frizz concerns are reduced and brittleness, dryness cease, and the hues of one hair colour come forward resulting in a beautiful sheen that catches the light in interesting ways. Finally, the hair becomes supremely soft

Applied oil can be easily washed

Oils can be found in aromatherapy stores, organic or whole food stores in beauty section. Essential oils are scented oils such as rosemary, grapefruit, geranium rose and rose and these scented oils must be diluted in jojoba because if applied to the skin in full strength, a reaction can occur. Mix one or two drops with jojoba or coconut oil to scent the hair with. Do change the amount of jojoba to contain this addition so as not to over-oil can be done in one sitting. This methods will to oil the hair properly and happy oiling.

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