Gym Flooring Choices You Need to Make

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Choosing the right Gym flooring is an important decision with regards to selecting a floor that prevents injury and the enclosure the floor is being used within. Gyms offering aerobics or dance classes will most likely use wooden floors while gyms that are focused more on martial arts will usually use rubber mats or rubber flooring.

Body Impact on Flooring

Compared to a wooden floor, rubber artificial flooring offers great human body cushioning upon impact. People will be more prone to injury landing on a wooden floor compared to landing on rubber flooring. However falling is not the only way to measure impact. Many gyms have activities such as classes with aerobics where people run on the spot or jump rope. Repeated impact on a wooden floor might result in a greater number of joint injuries. Rubber floors provide great cushioning for body parts such as knees and ankles. Surfaces that are rubberized tend to have more 'give' when feet hit the ground. Particularly when it is wet, wood is more slippery than rubber gym flooring. This is an asset as much as it is a disadvantage. Dance classes held in the gym, for example, tend to use wood floors since a dancer needs to be able to slide their foot the right way for specific techniques in dance. Other times, a gym can have a wooden floor and just place mats made of rubber beneath equipment protecting these from collecting sweat and scratching. A lot more traction is offered by rubber floors which are useful in many boxing and wrestling gyms.

Keeping Gym Flooring Sanitized

It is easier to keep a wooden floor sanitized and clean compared to floors made of rubber. This is an important consideration since a gym usually hosts activities filled with perspiring bodies and bacteria can breed when sweat builds up on the flooring each and every day. Floors made of wood can become disinfected with a mild mixer and a mop mixed with water. Care needs to be utilized ensuring the wood does not get overly wet as to cause warping. Rubber flooring on the other hand can be sprayed thoroughly, dried then rinsed off to prevent infection from spreading.

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