Guide to Granite Counter top

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You can see Granite countertops in homes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial locations. These are very attractive, require less maintenance and cleaning. Being water resistant can be used in bathrooms. If anything is spilled on the surface you can simply wipe it. It will not stick on the surface. It is also useful for people who spend most of their time in office and do not have time to clean their homes. Since Granite is highly resistant to mold it can stay clean for weeks. Granite countertops are used in studios, apartments, small lodgings and also in kitchens. If you are working and have kids at home, it may be difficult for you to clean your kitchen. You can avoid wasting two hours cleaning the surface if you have granite countertop. Food and liquid do not stick on the surface, so you can wipe them away in minutes. Many people prefer granites which are gray, beige or black.

Do not drop heavy items on the granite as it can chip off or break easily. Take care when placing heavy objects on these counters and when lifting items over them. Do not place hot pans on them. It is almost impossible to burn them, but sealer can be damaged. It is advisable that you place all the hot pans be placed on a hot plate. Some ways of cleaning these countertops are as follows: First of all, wipe the surface with the sponge. Then with the help of a stone soap wipe the countertop so that even small spots are removed from the granite. Then with the help of sponge and warm water, rinse the soapy mixture off. When the whole process is over, wipe the granite with a towel.

It may be difficult to remove wine stains with just water and soap. To remove the stain, take one cup of molding plaster in a bowl and then mix it with bleach to make a paste. Then apply this paste to the wine stain. Leave the paste on the wine stain for at least half an hour. Then remove the stain with the help of the sponge that is damp in warm water. Another stain which is difficult to remove is felt tip marker. To remove these stains use some acetone and clean rag. Apply a very small amount of acetone on this rag. Rub the stain in small circles until the ink has disappeared from the countertop. This may take not more than 2 minutes. If you want to use a cleaner, use only granite cleaner. Granite countertop will look beautiful if cleaned everyday.

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